Three For Thursday

June 10, 2010 |

*Chasing History ( The Wrong Kind ) –  I thought I’d begin a weekly tracker of these 2010 Baltimore Orioles as compared to the widely acknowledged worst MLB team of all time, the 1962 New York Mets.  So…..after 59 games, the Birds are 16 – 43.  The ’62 Mets?  16 – 43.  Uh – oh….

Honestly, is it conceivable that this current team only wins 40 games?  Most likely not, as a lot of AL East play is already in their rearview mirror.  But September is chock full of contenders…if they don’t have 30 wins heading into September, they’ll wind up historically bad.  And yes, I can’t believe that I just wrote that the Orioles might only be capable of mustering 15 more W’s between now and September 1.  It’s going to be a long summer in The Land of (Un)Pleasant Living for all seamheads.  And it’s still Spring, at least according to my calendar!

Seriously, though, has this team even given the slightest indication they’re capable of rattling off a 5 game winning streak, let alone, say, oh, 3?  And even though most of the veteran “talent” has underperformed to date, when they start dealing off the Millwoods, Tejadas, Wiggintons, etc., their cupboard will be almost completely bare.  As the great Ricky Ricardo would have said, “Ay yay yay yay yay”….

*  Do or die night in Boston for the Celtics.  Game 3 seemed to underscore just how difficult the long grind of an NBA regular season is for players in their mid-30’s, which is what makes up the core of the Celtics.  Add in three rounds of playoff games prior to the Finals, and Boston’s “Big Three” of Garnett, Pierce and Allen have to dig awfully deep to find the energy necessary to win tonight.  I know this much: They’ll definitely lose if Ray Allen shoots 0- for- whatever tonight, no matter how much Rajon Rondo gives them.

While I’m here, all due credit to Kobe Bryant for becoming, in my most humble opinion, one of the top 5 all-time NBA greats.  This postseason he’s demonstrated hustle, desire, teamwork, and above all that assassin’s mentality at the end of close games that seperate the merely great from the all-time great.  I’ve never really had much of an opinion on him, contrary to most die hard followers, but should he grab a 5th ring this Spring, then I’m a believer.  My other 4 All-Timers?  Glad you asked…

Michael Jordan ( I know, duh, right?)

Kareem Abdul – Jabbar

Magic Johnson

Tim Duncan  ( Go ahead, look him up and then disagree)

*  I’m not exactly sure what Nebraska to the Big Ten means, other than this being the first of many Major Conference re-alignments.  It’s football driven, of course.  The things that will suffer when all the dust settles ( and there’s lots more movement ahead, to be sure ) ?  The death of Mid – Major Conferences, the absolute insignificance of college basketball’s regular seasons and post-season tournaments, and last and least important to the University Presidents and the NCAA, whatever the fans care about.  Like traditional rivalries, David vs. Goliath upsets, caring about their alma maters, state schools, etc.

Because the fans are always the last variable in any of these types of decisions.