Three Stars and Geeks Of The Week, Part Two

April 14, 2009 |

In my previous blog, I introduced what I hope to be a  weekly feature on WNST.NET. I plan to blog what are, in my opinion, the three best things to happen in Baltimore sports in the past week and rate them much like how a statitician would rate the three best players in an ice hockey game.

To re-cap, here are my three stars of the week. Go back to my previous blog for more details.

* – Baltimore Orioles
** – Baltimore Blast
*** – Fans attending one or a combination of any of three events (Oriole game, Blast game, college lax doubleheader).

And now, the geeks!

I was originally going to include these individuals and groups with the stars. I decided against that because I felt that the blog would be too long to read after I rant about my geeks.

Be forewarned. I’m old, I’m salty and I’m from Dundalk so these descriptions might not be pretty.*cue 3 Stooges music*

1. Mark Texiera.

Ok, first of all, I do not begrudge the man for taking the Yankees offer, per se. If anyone offered that to me or any of you, you would take it. If you don’t, you’re a liar or an imbecile.

With that being said, Mr. Texiera could have taken the high road and said something like this:

“Gosh, I have a lot of family and friends in Maryland. As much as i would like to play for my hometown team, the Yankees’ offer was just good to pass up and they seem to be in a better position to win a championship.” But, instead Tex told people how he used to wear a Yankee cap at Memorial Stadium and that Don Mattingly was “his guy”.

I’m sorry, Mark, but I don’t care if you are from Severna Park, Merritt Park or South Park. If you tell Oriole fans that you lived here and wished to be a Yankee, you’ll be our guy… boo mercilessly and recognize you for the geek that you are!

2. The Rockford Rampage

This team was the opponent for the Blast in the NISL Championship. To say that these guys were goons is indeed a gross understatement. This team kicked and flailed elbows more than participants of a mosh pit at a Slayer concert.

It was bad enough that they played dirty and almost took out Blast goalkeeper, Sagu late in the first half. But what the Rampage did at the end of the game was possibly the single, most unsportsmanlike thing that I ever witnessed at a sporting event.

It’s one thing to fight opposing players, even at the end of a game. But to do so at the end of a championship game was appalling. Heck, hockey players shake hands at the end of a Stanley Cup final. Why couldn’t the Rampage be good sports and congratulate the Blast at the end? Had Rockford won, I know the Blast would shown a lot more grace and class than what Rockford did had they lost.. To make matters, even worse, one Rockford player ( I believe it was Jorge Valle) tried to interrupt the award presentation.

Rampage, you embarassed yourselves, your fans that travelled with you and you confirmed your status as my second geek of the week.

3. State and local governments of Maryland, the City of Baltimore, Prince Georges County and the District of Columbia.

First, our friends in Annapolis. These officials don’t give a damn about anything except for methods to generate and waste tax revenue.

First, they did not want slots. Then, after a referendum, they decided to have an exensive and rep tape laded application process for corporations to host “slot parlours”. Now, after Magna filed bankruptcy, they want to claim “eminent domain” over Pimlico, Laurel and the Preakness.

Don’t get me wrong. I am for saving the tracks and the middle jewel of the Triple Crown. But they are only doing it for the tax dollars and the annual event for dignitaries in the exclusive boxes. They don’t care about the sport of horse racing, or the trainers, or farmers that supply grain and feed for the horses, or the neighborhoods that house the tracks. Mr. Governor, the House of Delegates and the State Senate, you share my disdain with….

The City of Baltimore.

You don’t want to let Mr. Hale build an arena of his own in Canton, that could house events in the future while still holding events at the 1st Mariner Arena during construction. No. Instead, you want to tear down the current arena, tie up traffic and have people drive to Washington or Philly to see the circus, concerts and other events for two or more years and probably have us foot the bill for an inferior product. Add that to other dubious accomplishments such as tearing down a World War II memorial rich with Baltimore sports history because a lobby group lined your pockets or blocking out the gorgeous Baltimore skyline behind Camden Yards just to put up an ugly, publicly financed, overpriced hotel that resembles a beige Lego block. City Hall, you and the State House can put on your dunce caps and make room in the geek corner for…

Prince Georges County.

You would think that a county that held two arenas (one currently) that have held NHL, NBA, NFL and other sporting and concert events and have benefitted from them would have known better. Alas, they did not.

D.C. United wanted to build a new stadium in P.G. County that may have given the team increased regional support and brought in tourists from D.C., MD, Virginia and beyond for their MLS matches, international friendlies and possible concerts and other events that could have been held there. But much like an inexperienced soccer goalie, P.G. dropped the ball and missed an opportunity given to them by……

The District of Columbia.

Instead of making a deal to give United a new home, they decided to build a palace for the former Montreal Expos who finished with the worst record in MLB last year. RFK is rich with history, but sadly, it is falling apart and is becoming increasingly inadequate to hold events there.

What makes matters worse is that in order to build the new Nats’ stadium, several other businesses and entertainment venues had to be destroyed. Ask any lifelong D.C. area resident who enjoys live music or dj events if he or she  misses Nation a.k.a. the Capitol Ballroom. My girlfriend and I used to dj at some clubs there and we have met several people who are resentful toward the Nats and Major League Baseball for destroying the businesses in that area.
So, D.C., join the rest of the nerd herd from Annapolis, Balmer and P.G. County as being one huge geek collective.