Three Stars and Three Geeks Of The Week!

April 21, 2009 |

Last week, I posted whom I thought were the highlights and lowlights of the week in Baltimore and nearby area sports.

I will do so again this week in honor of the Caps “rocking the red” vs. the Rangers and in disgust of the Red Sox rocking the Birds, here are my top and bottom three.

* – Nick Markakis – He is a microcosm of the strengths of this year’s Oriole squad. He has been very effective in the outfield and the bat including a grand slam against Boston last Friday. It’s a shame he can’t pitch.

** Troy Patton, pitcher for the Bowie Baysox. I dedicated an entire blog to him last week. He entered Bowie’s home opener with an 1-0 record and 1.50 ERA. His record increased to 2-0, pitching 5 innings and leading the Baysox to a 2-0 victory. Read my previous blog for more information. Any good news about pitching in the Oriole system is welcome.

***Alexander Semin, Washington Capitals.I almost made him a geek for being baited into several penalties Saturday. But he made up for that by scoring the first two of the Caps’ four goals. The Caps, as a whole and as Drew Forrester likes to say, “manned up” last night at MSG.

And now the geeks (this week, we are cueing up the theme to “Beavis and Butthead”)

* The Oriole pitching staff (exceptions being Guthrie and Koji). If Beavis ever watched the Orioles’ pitchers, I am sure that he would yell, “Fire, fire!” because the Birds have been serial arsonists. Radhames Liz has been throwing like Taylor, Liz. Adam Eaton, we now know why the Phillies’ fans booed you. You might hear some at the Yard, too.

On Patriot Day, the Red Sox turned the staff’s pitches into patriot missiles.

12-1 should be the first quarter score of a CFL football game, not a baseball game.

** Sean Avery, New York Rangers. It’s one thing to fight or goad opponents into fighting but this clown takes the term “cheap shot artist” and drags it to a new level. He is a constant cherry picker in front of opposing nets. He will even go as far as to diss opponents about sleeping with his own ex-girlfriends.

Unlike Saturday, the Caps let Avery be a jerk and had the discipline to retaliate less, thus sending our second star geek to the sin bin. As Denis Lemieux from Slaphot once said,”…two minutes…by yourself….then you feel shame…then you are free”. Sean, you should feel shame, I don’t want to know what you do by yourself and you will never be free from being our second geek of the week.

***The New York Yankees. On the field, they may be the only team in the A.L. East if not all of baseball that has worse pitching than the Orioles.

Off the field,  they gouge their fans to watch them in their ridiculously priced McMansion. I’m sure that it is a great place to see a game. For its’ price tag, it better be. The previous Yankee Stadium WAS a great place to watch a game. But I personally have never had the desire to go to an art gallery or farmer’s market while attending a ball game. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…..

What is wrong is that they charge up to $2,500 a ticket, and have the public fund their building as well as the Mets’ new digs while Ground Zero may remain as is until 2030 because of the lack of public funds. Add to the fact that several people in the area have lost their jobs and depending upon what you read, the Yankees either seem to be indifferent or relish in the fact that they can unashamedly give their fans a high colonic.

What’s also wrong is that it gives Yankee fans more incentive to invade here since there are more available and cheaper seats in our own ballpark. IN MANY CASES, IT IS CHEAPER FOR YANKEE FANS TO FLY OR DRIVE HERE, STAY IN A HOTEL AND WATCH A GAME IN BALTIMORE THAN IT IS TO ATTEND A GAME  IN THEIR HOMETOWN! “Damn Yankees”, indeed!