Thursday Morning’s Crab Cakes and Light Beer

March 19, 2009 |

The Swinging Bunt

Barack-etology, really?  In an ESPN exclusive (weird), college hoops reporter Andy Katz got a chance to go to the White House for an interview with President Barack Obama… and the subject?  NCAA Tournament Brackets, of course.  His picks were not all that exciting… he took practically all chalk!  Aside from taking two 8’s over 9’s and two 5’s over 4’s, and one #2 Memphis over #1UConn in a regional final, President Obama only picked two games to be what I’d consider an upsets, well maybe small upsets.  Interestingly he chose #10 Maryland over Cal, and #11 VCU over UCLA.  Give him credit for scoring points locally picking the Terps and Rams… but damn, what’s he got against California?  He did get 60% of the vote in the Golden State… but he is new in the neighborhood, I guess you really do need to make a good impression.

Say it isn’t so, Gus!  Gus Johnson, best-known for his incredibly exciting edge-of-your-seat broadcasts of NCAA tournament games like UCLA-Gonzaga and Xavier-Ohio State, left a Memphis restaurant in handcuffs and in the back of a police car late last Friday night.  No charges were filed, but allegedly Gus wasn’t at all happy with the service at a restaurant he went to trying to get a late dinner.  More details are sure to come, and fret not he will still team with Len Elmore to announce Kansas-North Dakota State and West Virginia-Dayton on Friday night.  I shouldn’t say I’m shocked, but more just mildly surprised I guess that it takes 5 days for this story to hit national media.  I understand privacy and that even though he’s my boy, Gus isn’t a huge star, but with the climate of news media today, like I said, I’m just mildly surprised.

Ambassadors of Sport.  Here’s a great link to a list of more people in sports who should be appointed as ambassadors for the U.S. after news broke that the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Dan Rooney, is now the representative to Ireland.  Best line… Jay Bilas … Italy – That way he won’t have to stop fawning over Tyler Hansbrough after the 2009 NBA Draft. (Zing!)  Honorable Mention… Terrell Owens … Canada – A, what the hell. The Bills are headed there anyway.

Scanning the Blogosphere

College has an excellent NCAA Tournament Preview… Thursday’s betting lines, Grades on all the announcers, Writers’ picks… basically the whole kit and caboodle.

Coed Magazine gives a tour through pictures of “The Babes of March!”  (Hint: THIS IS BEST LINK I HAVE TODAY!!!) has the best mix of humor and actual basketball analysis in a great NCAA Tournament.

The SI Vault takes a look back at some of the best photos taken during the NCAA Tournament over the years, included is this shot of Len Bias.

SFT Sports tells us how the celebrity babes of Hollywood are picking their Final Fours.

SI’s Tom Verducci explains why the U.S. WBC roster has been poorly constructed from the start.

CMS Video of the Day

Being today is a National College Basketball Holiday… I will give you a funny college hoops video from this week at the NIT.

White men can’t, er, shouldn’t dunk!

The Morning’s Final Thought

As a graduate of Loyola, a Catholic College that participates in the MAAC, I will be rooting for Siena when they play THE Ohio State University tomorrow in Dayton…

That said, I can do without Sister Mary-Agnes giving everyone the finger!