Tiger, and all of us, are human

December 03, 2009 | Paul Hoke

So Tiger Woods is a man after all. A mortal man. A mortal man who, just like every other man on the face of the Earth, has his faults and short comings. But Drew said it best…it’s not our business. The same as what goes on in Paul from Towson’s house, is nobody’s business but my family’s. The Woods’ house is no one’s business but the Woods’. The only difference, is that Tiger Woods is the best golfer in the history of the world. He’s in the spotlight, he’s a superstar. Does it diminish how I feel about him?? I can honestly say, no, it doesn’t. Because I don’t hold these guys to any higher standard, except for the fact that these are the guys my 9-year old watches. That my 9-year old idolizes. And believe me, I have had several talks with my son regarding who are the people he should really look up to. Police officers, firefighters, teachers, our military personnel…these are the true heroes, and even we aren’t perfect. At the end of the day, nobody is. There isn’t a single person reading this that can honestly say there isn’t something about their past that they regret, or that was not their “finest half hour”, so to speak. Myself included. I’m a kid from East Baltimore. While I never made the big mistake, their are several things I’ve done that I’m not proud of. But TMZ and the paparazzi don’t follow me around like the piranha’s that they are.

But do I care what Tiger Woods does when he isn’t winning The Masters?? NO. I really don’t care about The Masters. I don’t like golf. It’s Mrs. Woods’ business what her husband does in his “off time.” Not mine. Once again, he’s a human male. We’re all prone to failure from time to time.

Look, I gave up a long time ago thinking these guys are role models, or more then what they are. Very talented athletes when they take the field, but human once the lights go out. I know for a fact that there is a revered Baltimore sports figure who is not anywhere near as pristine as his reputation would lead you to believe. But you know what?? I’m ok with that. He’s human. And after all, it’s none of my business. I don’t care what these guys do off the field. I only care that they show up when that bell rings. Is that wrong? Am I misguided?? I don’t think I am. Because I know, that there is no way I can honestly stand in judgment of any of these guys, given the fact that I’m not perfect myself…and guess what….? None of us are. And that is the message we need to relay to our children, because they are the ones who will be coming to us with the questions. They are the ones who should be answered to. Tiger owes me nothing. He doesn’t owe me or you an explanation, or an apology, or anything, we’re not married to him. But I owe my son an explanation. A lesson in life. One of many he will be receiving the older he gets.

Go Ravens!!!!!!