Tiger does it Again!

June 08, 2009 |

I was planning on writing a preview of the Orioles potential picks for Tuesday but Tom Clayton beat me to it. He did a nice job and its well worth reading.



Instead I’ll write about golf. No, I’ll write about a golfer: Tiger Woods. Hell, I’ll write a little about both.


I woke up and grabbed a bite to eat. I turned on the TV and started to watch the Memorial Tournament.  I saw Jonathan Byrd hit an eagle on the seventh hole and go up by 4 strokes. Tiger was 2 holes ahead of Byrd and didn’t look spectacular on the ninth or tenth holes. I figured Tiger was out of it. He was down four strokes with 8 holes to play. It wasn’t a major and it just wasn’t his day. The grass needed to be cut and I better get to it.


Now was that every a mistake.  If I had watched just one more hole, I would have seen Tiger eagle the eleventh hole.  Now it’s a whole new tournament. Tiger is down by 2 strokes. The pressure was on Byrd. He extended his lead to 3 on the twelfth hole. Then Byrd cracked under the pressure with a bogey on 13 & a double bogey on 14. Tiger birdied 15, 17, & 18 to take the tournament.


It’s bad enough when Tiger is out front and blowing the field away. He can totally deflate his competitors’ will. When he is behind he gives them hope. This is the tournament he won’t make a run. Cruelly, he lets them think they have a chance. Then he’ll birdie two or three straight holes or get an eagle. After that it’s over, his reputation and history psyches out his opponents.


They know if they play their best game, they’re still playing for second. He strikes fear into his opponent’s hearts like no other competitor ever! No golfer can come from behind in every tournament but Tiger has done it more often than any other golfer in history. His comebacks have provided some magical memories. This was his seventeenth come from behind victory on the PGA Tour. Here is a link with a list of the other sixteen.   http://www.sportsterminal.com/sports/golf/LeagueText.asp?league_text_id=5185:


Has there ever been an athlete with a greater desire to win than Tiger? Michael Jordan may have equaled him but no one can surpass Tiger. If you looked up the definition of “Killer Instinct,” his photo would be pictured beside it. If I had to go to war I would want him in my foxhole. He’s never too far behind and he never quits.


With a victory at the Memorial, Tiger is back.  Now, it’s onto the US Open and I wouldn’t bet against him.