Tiger-Jack…the knockout blow (part 2)

March 18, 2008 | Drew Forrester

More on the Tiger/Jack debate.  I figure we’d better get all of this in now, for in about two years or so, there won’t be anything left to discuss.

There sure are a lot of Jack supporters out there.  I can only assume most of you who still cling to the “Nicklaus was/is better than Tiger” must not own a TV set. 

Well, then, I thought – since you obviously own a computer – that you’d like to see these FACTS about Tiger as you continue to defend the Golden Bear.

> Tiger won four consecutive majors.  Jack never did that.

> Tiger won three majors in the same year (2000).  Jack?  Nope.

> Tiger won the ’00 U.S. Open by 15 shots.  Jack’s BEST margin of victory, ever, at the U.S. Open was four shots.

> Tiger won back-to-back British Opens (05-06) and back-to-back PGA Championships (06-07).  Jack never did that.

> Tiger won 8 tournaments in a season. Jack?  Never did THAT, either.  By the way, Tiger won 8 in a season three times.  Mike Weir, Bob Tway, Lee Janzen…very good players, right?  Major title winners.  Each of those three have 8 CAREER wins.  Tiger won 8 times in three different years. 

> Tiger won 5 tournaments in a season five straight years.  Jack?  You guessed it…he never did that.

> Tiger won 7 consecutive tournaments. Jack didn’t accomplish that, either.

> Tiger once made 142 consecutive cuts.  Jack’s best?  105.

Other than wins (73) and majors (18), nothing else about Nicklaus’ career rivals Woods.  And, unless suddenly his rotator cuff falls off tomorrow, Woods will undoubtedly win more career events than Jack (Tiger’s at 64 now) and is about an 80% bet to win 19 or more majors in his career.

Oh, wait, that’s right, Jack has done a couple of things that Tiger didn’t.  Jack hit a 1-iron off the flag at the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach at the 17th hole.  Wow.  Tiger played St. Andrews for four rounds and never drove the ball in a bunker.  That’s a far greater accomplishment than one shot into a par-3 green, wouldn’t you say?

And, I almost forgot, Jack finished 2nd in major championships 19 times (according to his Wikipedia bio…I thought it was more).

Tiger hasn’t finished 2nd 19 times in majors, that’s true.  Main reason why? He’s busy winning them.

By the way, for all the anti-Tiger folks out there, what exactly would Woods have to do to actually get you to admit that Tiger is better than Jack?

Is it wins? 

That makes sense to me. 

After all, if I said Nick Faldo was a better player than Nicklaus, what would your argument be against THAT?

Easy…Nicklaus won 73 tournaments.  Faldo won 36 (9 on the PGA Tour).  Nicklaus won 18 majors and Faldo won 6.  I’d buy that argument.  Nicklaus WAS a better player than Faldo. By far. 

In fact, Nicklaus was better than all of them.  Better than Trevino.  Better than Palmer.  Better than Watson.  Better than anyone else you can name, actually.

Except for Tiger.

Already, Tiger’s a better PLAYER than Jack ever was.  Someday, the career numbers will fall and then the “better career” argument will be baseless. 

That is, unless wins don’t matter.

But, they do.