Tiger leaves everyone guessing…still

November 29, 2009 | Drew Forrester

12:25 pm update: Woods is now scheduled to meet with the Florida Highway Patrol at 3:00 pm Sunday.  By 4:30 or 5:00 pm, the FHP will send out a statement that reads something like this:

“The Florida Highway Patrol interviewed Tiger Woods today for approximately 30 minutes at his home.  Following this meeting with Mr. Woods, we have officially closed the case on the traffic accident that occurred on November 27.  With regard to his injuries, they are consistent with the types of injury that one might suffer if they were involved in an accident in which their vehicle collided with a stationary object such as a tree.”

And the gossip sites will then report that the police are “on the take”.  ha ha

Now…back to your regularly scheduled blog, below:

We’re now into day 3 of “Tiger Watch”.

Everywhere you look – and read – stories are flowing out of Orlando, where Woods and his wife, Elin, are evidently hunkered down in their $2.4 million mansion, dodging the police and the media.

Here are a few of the overnight “developments” if you will.  Keep in mind, nearly all of this is rumor-mill stuff.  The only facts that we still know to be true are this:  Tiger was in an accident at 2:25 am on Friday morning, backing out of his driveway and hitting a fire hydrant and a tree.  He was treated for facial lacerations and released.  He hasn’t been heard from since.

These are some of the rumors flying around:

“Tiger’s wife went ballistic and scratched his face during an altercation on Friday morning.  In a rush to get out of the house, Woods backed out his driveway, hit the hydrant and the tree, and the lacerations are from Elin’s attack and not the accident itself.”

That’s certainly possible.  If it did happen that way and Tiger’s wife assaulted him in his own home, why is he back there? There are approximately 20 PGA Tour players who live in the Windermere community.  Wouldn’t he just go stay with one of them for a few days until he and his band of lawyers figured out what to do?  None of us know what we would do if our wife or significant other assaulted us – until it actually happens – but I don’t think I’d be heading back home 12 hours after the incident like Tiger did on Friday.

“Tiger’s wife found out he’s been cheating on her and went nuts.”

Again, that’s certainly plausible.  As I wrote yesterday — the mansion, the maids, the boat and the endless checkbook might not mean a thing to Elin if she found out her husband was chasing some floozy around the world.  Some gossip web sites are reporting that Robin Uchitel was in Las Vegas, China and Australia at the same time as Woods within the last 2 months.  And not one camera has a photo of her in Tiger’s company?  No one saw them together in a hotel somewhere?  Michael Phelps smoked pot in a frat house in South Carolina and a picture eventually surfaced.  Tiger brought this woman with him to various parts of the world, where EVERY newspaper and magazine in the vicinity wanted a photo of him, and not one person has a picture of Woods and Uchitel together?

“Tiger’s been a womanizer for years.”

This might be true too.  He’s obviously a fit, good-lucking, wealthy athlete.  But…of all the women he would choose for an affair, he’s going to pick this jock-sniffer-tramp who has a history of establishing relationships with celebrities and then bragging about them, publicly?  That makes a lot of sense.

“Tiger’s not talking to the police so he’s obviously hiding something.”

Perhaps.  There’s definitely a train of thought that says, “if you have nothing to hide…why are you hiding?”  That theory might work in OUR world.  Tiger, though, doesn’t live in OUR world.  He has sponsors to think about.  He’s invested himself in several companies — in and out of golf — and I’m sure he wants them to hear “his story” first.  If I were advising him, I’d be doing the exact thing someone else is already doing.  I’d tell Tiger to talk to the police once everyone that really matters is up to speed on exactly what happened.  The gossip sites haven’t generated a nickel for Tiger Woods…they can wait.  So can ESPN and FOX Sports and everyone else who’s begging for the “real story”.  In the end, I’m sure Tiger realizes this:  No matter what he says to the police and no matter what he says publicly, people aren’t going to believe him.  That’s the way it works.  There are still some idiots out there who insist that the U.S. Government flew military planes into the Twin Towers on 9/11/01. Idiots will believe anything they want to believe.

I’m anxious to hear from Tiger, just like anyone else.

He’s already appeared on the front page of The Sun website more than the Orioles did in all of 2009.  It’s big news.  People want to know.  Me included.

I contend *something* happened on Friday morning that hasn’t been disclosed.  And it might not ever be.

Perhaps Tiger was out playing cards “with the boys” and came home around 1:30 am and announced he’d lost “a couple hundred grand”.  Elin might have taken exception to that.

She might have confronted him about a week’s worth of internet rumors that Tiger was being unfaithful to her.

By the way, just because she confronted him — and POSSIBLY assaulted him, if that turns out to the case — doesn’t necessarily mean Tiger’s been cheating on her.

I won’t bring up the Richard Jewell story again — but always keep in mind that just because someone appears as if they’re guilty…it doesn’t mean they are.

One Orlando golf-based-rumor was that Woods and his circle of friends had a 7:30am golf match on Friday morning and that Woods told one of the players he was going to get up early, work out around 3:30 am and meet them for breakfast at 6:30am at the club.  That would jibe with the time of the events that transpired, but none of the gossip sites printed that “rumor” because it has nothing to do with infidelity, a woman scorned, and facial lacerations.

And that story, like the rest of them, is merely a rumor floating around in the golf world.

At this point, anything is possible.

One thing for sure — this story wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if it involved Nick Watney.