Time to Be Legitimate

October 03, 2009 | Marty Mossa

     Last year the Ravens went 11-5 in the regular season and made it to the AFC Title Game.  Every lose last year came on the hands of a playoff team.  We lost to Tennessee, Pittsburgh (twice), Indy, and the Giants.  Now one could argue that the zebras affected the outcome of the Titans, and Steelers home game.  But the bottom line is this: we couldn’t hold our own against the big boys.

     The four biggest hump games I see this year are New England, Colts, and Pittsburgh.  We have never beaten the Pats (0-4).  The Colts are enjoying a 6 game winning streak against us.  The Steelers have won four of the last five games against us.  In the four games we play against these three teams, I feel we must at least go 2-2 against them.  A split with Pittsburgh and a split with the Pats and Colts.  In order for the Ravens to be considered a serious contender in the AFC this year we must accomplish this feat.   Anything short of this will give the ney sayers their due.

     Going to New England tomorrow and punching Tom Brady and company in the mouth will go a long way to making  us a serious contender.

26 – 21  Against the Spread.