Time to Feast on Buffalo Wings

October 19, 2010 | Marty Mossa

Could of, should of, would of.  The Ravens have played six games thus far in the 2010 football campaign.  With a few bounces here or there, they could very well be 6-0, 5-1, 2-4,  3-3, you get the picture.  I think everyone in Baltimore agreed that we were the better team Sunday verses the Patriots.  But being the better doesn’t always spell out victory.  The Ravens pulled defeat out of the jaws of victory last Sunday.  Ok, let’s all get it out of our systems and move on.  We can’t turn back the clock.  It’s over!!

In all likelihood we will beat the Bills here Sunday (we better).  Vegas has us at a 13 point favorite in which I think we’ll cover.  Assuming we win, we’ll go into the bye at 5-2.  Now let’s look at our first four games of the season.  I referred to it as murders’ row.  We played in New York, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh.  Also we had a home game against the Browns.  Three of our first four games were on the road.  We went 3-1 in that stretch.  The only game that wasn’t a divisional game was the Jets game.  We are 2-1 verses AFC North opponents, and 4-2 vs. AFC opponents.  A win Sunday and we’ll be 5-2 vs. AFC opponents.  That could bode real big when it’s time for playoff spots in January.

So let’s forget about Sunday.  Yea we should have won, but we didn’t.  Let’s hope that Cam will be a little smarter with his play selection, and that Gregg Maddison will be a bit more aggressive on defense.  We all need to root hard for the Dolphins to upset Pittsburgh in Miami. 


45-53-4 Against the Spread.  Good thing I only do this for fun.