Time to put Steeler’s Game Behind Us!

December 27, 2009 | Marty Mossa

     Like so many in the past, this Steeler game was another heart breaker.  We beat ourselves, the zebras beat us, and of course the Steelers beat us.  It’s time to put this game behind us and focus on Oakland.  The Raiders will not be a walk through the park.  Last year with nothing to play for, they went into Tampa Bay in week 17 and knocked the Bucs out of  the playoffs.  Also don’t forget they beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh three weeks ago.

     A win in Oakland all but assures us a playoff spot.  But flying to the West Coast and beating the Raiders will be no easy task.  I have looked at a few sites.  According to the NFL website we sit at number 7, with the Jets and Denver at 5 and 6.  This doesn’t make sense since we beat Denver head to head.  Another site shows us in the number 6 spot, and Denver in number 5.  Again, this makes no sense since we beat Denver head to head.  I’m sure this will all be dissected by the pundits and we’ll have some clear vision on what is what.  Lets hope however that the Ravens have their own destiny to worry about.  You never want to go into the last week of the season needing someone else to do your work for you.