Today’s game NOT sold out…I’ll help them

March 31, 2008 | Drew Forrester

So, the dirty little secret is this:  today’s home opener at Camden Yards is NOT sold out and here it is, about 8 hours or so before the first pitch.

I realize the Orioles haven’t really publicized this fact over the weekend.  I guess they don’t want to have to answer questions from the media about why their first game isn’t sold out (like any of the media would press them on that anyway). 

I’ll come to their rescue.  Throughout The Comcast Morning Show today, I’ll be holding a ticket telethon to try and get some seats sold before the 3:05 pm first pitch.

Right now, we (Phil, my produer on today’s show – and I) are literally uncovering hundreds of open seats via the web-site. 

Literally, hundreds and hundreds of seats are unsold for today’s game.  It could be more like thousands…it’s tough to tell exactly how many seats are available, but I can assure you there are a lot of tickets to be had.

If you and nine friends want to go to the game today on a sort of a last-minute thing, there are 10 club-box seats available in Section 208, Row JJ, Seats 1-10 ($50 each).

If you and four friends want GREAT seats, there are 5 field box seats available directly behind home plate in Section 44, Row YY, Seats 1-5.  Those will cost you $80 each, but you’ll be close enough to yell, “HEY AUBREY, JACK ONE FOR US!!” and he might hear you urging him to hit a home run.

Anyway, I need to continue on with the show. 

Let’s get this game sold out today.

Go to and buy those seats up and let’s make sure we don’t have the embarrassment of NOT selling out our home opener.

I’m trying to do my part today.