Today’s Poll: How many games do the O-birds win this season?

March 31, 2008 |

Happy Opening Day! As much as I dread watching these games in August, Opening Day always puts a smile on my face, and even gives me a glimmer of hope. Call me crazy, but I’m a sucker for the smell of Boog’s, tearing through pistachios like I was a diabetic and there was insulin on the inside of that shell, and the whole ball park atmosphere in general…

As for today’s poll, this one’s simple…just give me a number and justify it…

With Kevin Millar slated as our clean-up hitter and with Jeremy Guthrie being the only starting pitcher on the staff that can currently throw a strike, it’s not looking good for us…THIS year…but this year will be exciting for different reasons…we get to check out future prospects and make a splash in the trade market…I’ve got the O’s at 100 losses even (and I hope to God that I’m as wrong about the O’s as I was about March Madness)…what do you guys think?

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