Today’s Spare Change

March 31, 2010 |

In the crazy world of wacky and weird sports news, Minnesota Twins outfielder Denard Span hit a foul bowl into the stands this afternoon and out of the thousands of fans watching the Twins play the Yankees, the ball fouled off Span’s bat nailed his own mother in the chest.  Crazy isn’t it?  Span was batting lead-off for the Twins today and fouled off a pitch into the crowd in an area where he had about 20 family and friends watching the the exhibition game from.  Clearly shaken after the incident, Span left the batter’s box immediately and headed to attend to his mother aid, where paramedics were helping the wounded woman.   After collecting herself and being treated Span’s mother was feeling better and eventually came back to watch the game, but this time enjoying the view from a different seat. 

This is a remarkable story and something that I can’t imagine has ever happened before at the major league level.  Typically the stands are filled with thousands of fans taking in the game, even during the less attended spring training games, but the batter only has one mother.  Plus, keep in mind that most major league’ers mother’s aren’t generally at the games anyways because of the distance between their homes and the location of the city where their son plays ball.  The odds of this happening are barely existent and we may never see this happen again.

The good news for Denard Span is that his mother will be fine and will be able to watch his son play again, however I’m sure that next time she comes to see him on the field, Denard’s going to have to shell out the big bucks to keep his mom safe and secure in a luxury suite.

Has anybody paid attention to the UCONN Huskies women’s basketball team?  I’m sure some people may be aware that the Huskies are currently riding a 76 game winning streak to the Final Four, but I feel bad for these girls for not getting as much national attention as they deserve for playing so incredibly well.  I get it that most men don’t really care about women’s sports, heck I barely care in all honesty, but it’s hard not to pay attention to any team that’s won 76 straight games and give credit where credit is well deserved.

In their latest win, the Huskies crushed the Florida State Seminoles 90-50 on their way to making the Final Four being held in San Antonio, TX.  The Huskies next opponent is the Baylor Bears on Sunday.  All the best for the Bears (or is it Bearettes?) led by Brittney Griner, you guys remember her right?  She’s the one that landed a nasty hay-maker to an opponent’s face and broke the other girls nose with the vicious punch in a game earlier this season.  The Huskies average margin of victory is 36 points per game, so if the Bears can’t keep it close with UCONN, the Huskies better watchout because Griner is no joke.

Here’s the link to the video of Griner’s knockout punch:

Any of you guys remember Hayden Penn?  Of course you do because he was supposed to be one of baseball’s best pitchers at this point in his career according to some that call (or called) the warehouse their office.  In addition, this is the same prospect that the Orioles refused to trade a few years ago to the Florida Marlins for A.J. Burnett and Mike Lowell when the O’s were actually making a push at a decent season just before the trade deadline.  The O’s kept Penn for a few more years until they realized what many of us saw pretty early on and eventually traded Penn to the Marlins, but not for the type of talent involved in the deal before.  Nope, by the time the O’s were ready to move Penn the best they could get in return was Robert Andino.  Well Andino actually sounds pretty good right now, considering Penn was just picked off waivers by the Pittsburgh Pirates. 

I’m starting to think that Jake Arrieta might be the next “Hayden Penn” in the Orioles organization.  Scouts rave about his stuff, but clearly there’s just something missing inside of Arrieta or I’d think he’d be making a stronger push to be on the 25 man roster.  Baseball is definitely a sport that keeps pitchers with “stuff” around for far to long.  You would never see something like this go on in the NFL, but that’s for another day.  I digress.  Hopefully the Orioles don’t get blinded by the hype that comes with some of their young arms and if there’s a deal that’s going to make this franchise considerably better than I’d make it happen.  Of course this is the same franchise that traded away a young Curt Schilling, but there’s far more Hayden Penns in baseball than Curt Schillings.