Tomorrow is a very special day for me

September 23, 2011 | Peter Dilutis

And I know this isn’t an Academy Awards speech, but there are a few other people I’d like to thank as well.

I’m so grateful to my entire family for raising me to be such a big Baltimore sports fan. I think back to my childhood when I played little league baseball for Colgate. Grammy and Pop would be sitting there under a shady tree cheering me on and my Dad would be there in his jersey coaching first base.

And of course there were (and still are) Sunday mornings in the fall when we would all go over Grammy and Pop’s for breakfast before every Ravens home game. My two uncles would always talk sports with me over bacon, and even if they weren’t necessarily trying, they really did teach me so much about sports. They have never missed a Ravens game in Baltimore, and I’m doubting they ever will. After all, as my Uncle Johnny would say, even if someone dies on a Sunday morning, they’ll still be dead when the game’s over. So why miss a game?

THAT’S how much my family loves sports. Clearly, that’s where I get my love of all things Baltimore sports from. I’m so glad I’m a sports guy and not a Boy Scout or paintball guy (no offense to those activities, but I’m happy with where I am at this point in my life).

We actually still get together before every Ravens home game, and I don’t see it changing anytime in the future.

There was someone else who was always there for my little league games, but I left her out because she deserves her own paragraph. My mom spent some time keeping score, but then she stopped because it took away from her ability to always have her eyes on me when I was playing. What an amazing person she is. She’s been there every step of the way for me, and now that I’m all grown up and 21 and trying to get started in this business, she’s still right there with me. She’s a Ravens fanatic. In fact, she just yelled at me a few minutes ago for not wearing purple on Purple Friday.

How cool is it to have a mom that lives and dies with Baltimore sports the same way I do? She’s the best mom that anyone could ever ask for, and she’ll always be the number one lady in my life. So I just wanted to thank her for raising me the way she did which has allowed me this opportunity to be in such a great position going forward.

We’ll see what this leads to. We might suck. I might suck. Maybe you won’t be able to tolerate us after 15 minutes. And if that happens, fine. But at least we tried. And we’re going to try and give it our all and go after this adventure with as much passion as we would if we were doing the weekday afternoons.

We’re going to be doing what we love to do. We’re going to be following our dreams.

And we hope you’ll be right there with us calling, commenting, and criticizing. Because without that and without you, what would be the point of sports radio?