Tongue Kissing The Steelers – The Finale

March 30, 2010 | Drew Forrester

So this is it.

All of the participants and offending parties have been heard from on the matter of the Steelers slithering their way into Harford County and being promoted and propped up like saints at North Harford High School on Sunday afternoon.

And like I wrote yesterday, someone has to be the judge and jury on this subject.  And since I’m sane, level-headed and officially monitoring this travesty, allow me to weigh in on what’s been written, said and explained.

This will be the “wrap-up blog” on the black and gold’s visit.  We won’t talk about the Steelers again until another one of their players fondles a woman or gets caught with weed in his car…or they’re all welcomed up to Harford County again to sell Steelers season tickets at the County Fair next August.

As Glenn Clark has said this week on The Comcast Morning Show, this issue of the Steelers-celebration day in Harford County on Sunday is, in your mind, either RIGHT — or WRONG.

It can’t be “right…but” or “wrong…but”.

It’s either RIGHT that the Steelers were allowed to take over North Harford HS for a day.

Or it’s WRONG.

There’s no need for 200-400-600 word missives in response to this.  You either think it’s right or wrong.  It’s a simple answer.

Like this:  I think it’s WRONG.

You can write whatever you want in response to this blog or any other blog I’ve written on the subject and nothing anyone can say will change my mind on this issue.

The Steelers had NO business being in Harford County on Sunday.  None.  Zero.  Zip.  Nada.

It was WRONG.

If you don’t agree with that and you think it was right, that’s all well and good.  As I’ve said to a number of you who have written me today and yesterday and bellyached about how the poor old Steelers were getting their names dragged through the mud, let me remind you once again of the philosophy that’s been established:  If you’re a Steelers fan and you’re upset with me, Glenn or WNST because of our stance against the Steelers love-in on Sunday, we don’t care what you think…because…you…are…a…Steelers…fan.

Got that?


Now, we heard today from David Craig, the Harford County Executive.  He acknowledged from the beginning of the interview that plenty of folks in Harford County support the Steelers.  I understand that.  But a lot of folks in Harford County probably fly confederate flags in their basement and that doesn’t make THOSE people right.

Harford County, Maryland should be supporting the Ravens.  Period.  Full stop.

The Steelers should get ZERO functional support from the Harford County government and that includes the school system.

The County Executive is a Ravens fan.  He made that quite clear today.  He also loosely mentioned that perhaps he would whisper something to the Harford County school superintendent that perhaps a school tongue-kissing the Steelers in Harford County isn’t such a good idea.

We chatted today with Randy McRoberts, the sports editor of The Aegis, Harford County’s newspaper.  The first question I asked Randy was, “Are you a Steelers fan?”

Randy said, “Yes, I am.”

I stopped listening to him at that point.

Case closed on that one.

If the Aegis doesn’t care that they have a yellow towel waving Steelers fan writing for their publication, then I probably shouldn’t care either.

Randy seemed like a nice enough guy in our interview.  He just happens to be a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Shame on him, I say.

Ken Brinkman checked in yesterday.  He’s the football coach at North Harford who organized the whole deal.  He seems like a decent man as well. I applaud him for coming up with creative ways to raise money for his football team.  Maybe next year they’ll have Tiger Woods come to North Harford for a $500 a plate dinner and present him with the 2010 “Husband of the Year” award.  Or perhaps they’ll bring Jeffrey Maier to the school and present him with a key to the County for his efforts in helping the Yankees beat the Orioles back in 1996.  Maybe, just maybe, Paul Tagliabue can come to the school and give a speech about how Harford County should build a museum somewhere up there to honor the Steelers.

Seriously, though, Brinkman deserves credit for his fund raising efforts.

But he’s the man who brought the Steelers to Harford County so he has to be willing to take some backlash.

This has been the most hotly debated topic at WNST (or, at least, with me) in a long, long time.

Nothing inspires engagement like Ravens football.  Or Steelers football.

If only the Orioles created this much passion, huh?

So that’s the end of the story.

The Steelers showed up in Harford County on Sunday and NO ONE CARED until we brought it up on Monday’s show and raised a stink.

I’m glad we did.

I know I’m right when I say this:

The Steelers are from Pittsburgh.  They’re not from Baltimore.

And they had no business being in Harford County on Sunday.

And that’s not a low blow…it’s a fact.