Tonight: A rarity in Baltimore sports…a home game that matters

December 05, 2010 | Drew Forrester

Cherish what you’re about to experience tonight.

No matter if you’re going to the game or watching it from the comfy confines of your couch, soak it all in tonight and appreciate what a big-time sports event does for your quality of life and that of the community around you.

This evening’s Ravens/Steelers game in Baltimore is equivalent to a mid-September baseball series that separates two teams who are fighting for their respective baseball playoff lives.

We haven’t had a series like that in Baltimore since the Orioles were good back in 1997.

But we seem to have one of *these* games every year in football, give or take a season or two over the last 10 that didn’t go the way we had all hoped.

Almost every December, there’s a home game at M&T Bank Stadium that brings the fans together as one for a day (in this case, “night”) of rabid fandom.

Embrace it tonight.

Enjoy it.

Appreciate it.

And regardless of what happens on the field, the sun will rise tomorrow morning and this much will be true, for sure:

Having a game in Baltimore that matters is far better than not having one in Baltimore.

For that, we say “thank you” to the Ravens for once again rescuing us as sports fans and giving us all a reason to be proud, excited and appreciative.