Tonight on the Mob Town Sports Beat – The Necro Butcher!

April 23, 2009 |

Tonight on the Mob Town Sports Beat, “The Necro Butcher” will be checking in at 6:30 with Thyrl.

The movie The Wrestler was released today and if you’ve been privileged to see the film, you are already familiar with the man they call – The Necro Butcher.

He’s the dude who opposes Mickey Rourke in the movie’s most pivotal match, giving the film its most violent scene!

He’s not only a real-life maniac, but also a star in the independent wrestling business and is currently traveling nationally with the Ring of Honor wrestling tour.

The Necro Butcher is also most known for his true ‘hardcore’ style.  Check out the tribute video.  This guy is B-A-D-A-S-S!

Remember tonight at 6:30 The Necro Butcher on The Mob Town Sports Beat!