Tonight’s ‘Fighting Ungers’

April 14, 2008 |

Not sure how many of you have had an opportunity to catch our evening show but tonight we plan to spend 6-8pm talking a bit about the Orioles but also extensive conversations about Bryant Gumbel getting ousted from his job as a play by play announcer for the NFL Network and how that’s the best thing to happen since Joe Theisman got canned by ESPN.

We’re going to take a look at some of the worst annoucers of all time including Gumbel, Theisman, Daryl Johnston and Chris Collinsworth (wow, how unwatchable was Thursday Night football on the NFL Network?)

In baseball, the conversation will include Steve Stone (great pitcher, BORING Cubs announcer), Joe Morgan (who last night during the Yankees-Red Sox game said that he wished that, rather than talk about the guys who DID use performance enhancing drugs, we talked about all the guys during the steroid era who DIDN’T until Jon Miller had to remind him that the problem with that is WE HAVE NO FREAKIN’ IDEA WHO’S LYING!) and Joe Buck- a guy who annoys me regardless of the sport.

The questions will include:

– Who are some of YOUR least favorite announcers?

– What makes a good broadcaster?

– Whatever happened to Lisa Guerrero?

Also, tonight we’ll talk about that ridiculous “curse” story regarding the David Ortiz jersey being planted in cement in the new Yankee Stadium. 

If you don’t know the story, here it is:

Of course, since it’s Monday we’ll also announce the winners of last week’s “Fighting Ungers” Fantasy Baseball you suck contest and throw out new names for this week.  If you don’t know how it works, it’s simple.

We come up with 10 hitters the Orioles will be facing this week (plus Aubrey Huff who is ALWAYS on the list) and if the guy you choose has the worst offensive stats from Tuesday-Sunday you win a prize.

Finally, we received an email yesterday from a guy who truly hates what Andrew and I do.  His note wasn’t vicious or nasty but really came across like a plea for us to disappear.  It made me laugh but not nearly as much as Andrew’s response.  Here is the letter:

I have been a wnst listener for as long as its appearance on the radio. I have listened to your shows and have come away with the conclusion that your show, which possesses some merit in entertainment, does not fit the format for a sports show. Your limited time with sports knowledge and the more than occasional drifting into simple prattle makes me turn off your station. Maybe your format is better suited for the live stage shows you so aptly refer to, but it lays an egg on this sports station.

I have listened to other shows on this station and have come away informed, entertained and satisfied with the results. Your mission statement states, you will be an honest voice and provide real content to the Baltimore public. You guys sprinkle some sports and regularly resume your agenda that borders on banal tripe and infantile scenarios.

I am an easy going, and for the most part a tolerant person. When I have an opportunity to turn on the radio, I first dial up WNST. I find your station and its format the real voice and a Baltimore based “Hon “sports station. I like it. I however, cannot continue to listen to your show, and consequently the radio station I like to hear. Even when I dial you up and hear you guys, my first impression is to turn to the “other station”. I don’t do this, and say”give them another chance”. But like always you deliver the same dose of lackluster, shallow sports mixed with your special blend of off the mark broadcast.

I have nothing against you guys, except for the fact your entertainment value is not in the sports arena. I hope you or both of you find success in your pursuits hopefully not on WNST.

Respectfully submitted,

(I blanked out his name to maintain his anonymity)

 Now here is Andrew’s response:

 I’ll be sure and tell Marc that we should get REALLY indepth next week with our coverage of who the Ravens will draft in the first round!

Hey Dick, if I’m reading you correctly it sounds as if you aren’t a fan of our show?  That sucks for you because, due to an overwhelmingly positive response, we’re now on 6 days a week!
I have a fairly simple solution for you Dick…TURN THE STATION OFF FROM 6-8 M-F AND 8-11 SAT MORNINGS!!! Surely you have something else to do? Buy a pet, get a girlfriend, learn to bake, fly a kite. Are you familiar with Soduku? I hear it’s a blast. Baking can be therapeutic.
One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Variety is the spice of life. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Different strokes for different folks. You say po-tay-toe I say po-tah-toe. (that last one isn’t really apropos but I ran out of idioms).
Would you PLEASE….I’m begging you…call into our show on Monday??? PRETTY PLEASE??? It will be a friggin blast. (speaking of Blast, we plan on doing a 10 part series on them which I’m sure will leave you “ informed, entertained and satisfied with the results”).
Call 410-481-1570 around 6:30 on Monday if you can. We will give you a fair chance to voice your displeasure. We want our fans to hear the other side.
Thanks for you comments and I hope this was helpful.
Your Pal