Tonight’s Poll: Most Overhyped Sports Story of The Year

March 27, 2008 |

Personally, I feel like this story about Tiger Woods dropping a few four letter words directed towards an overzealous photographer this past weekend has been a waste of air time. I play golf, and I honestly say I can’t blame him. Bottom line, AT LEAST 85% of golfers curse on the course after making a mistake. I’ve even seen guys go medieval on  flag sticks and hurl them into the air like a javelin.

But, as usual, celebrities are held to a higher standard than the rest of us. What a lot of us forget is that Tiger is, in fact, human, even though he is super-human on the links. Can we get off this guy’s back please? And where’s the reprimand for this idiot photographer who’s snapping photos during Tiger’s back swing?

So this story got me thinking…what has been the most overhyped, over-reported, or overexaggerated sports story in recent memory? Your thoughts…