Tonight’s Poll: Who’s The NBA’s Best?

March 27, 2008 |

I just finished watching the Celtics dismantle the Phoenix Suns in Boston and it got me thinking…who is the favorite to win the NBA championship this year?

The Celts have been dominating both conferences this season, which includes going 23-5 vs. the Varsity (uh, I mean, the West). Their recent hiccups against Philly and New Orleans don’t really scare me, especially considering they beat the Mavs, Rockets, and Spurs…in consecutive order and in Texas.

If you asked me a 10 days ago, I would have gone with 3 or 4 West teams over the Celtics. But given their recent resume, I have to say that with a little over ten games to go, the Boston Celtics have been the most dominant, impressive, and consistent team in the NBA this season. The most glaring statistic is how consistently dominant they’ve been over the Western Conference. This leads me to think that whoever survives the Battle Royale in the Western Conference playoffs this season better hope that they face another team.

After watching Boston pummel the Suns by 20 tonight, they’ve got my vote as the NBA’s best…SO FAR…what do you guys think?