Tonight’s the night: Our canned food drive begins at The Fullerton Pub

November 18, 2010 | Drew Forrester

Come one, come all, to the Fullerton Pub tonight at 7pm when The Morning Reaction hosts “Rub Elbows with the Stars”.

And no, that doesn’t mean you’re going to meet Jen Royle.

It means we’re going to meet YOU and rub elbows with YOU — the real stars of WNST radio and

I – along with Glenn Clark, Rex Snider and “Miss Ashley” (remember Miss Elizabeth from WWF days? now you get the picture) – will converge on the Fullerton Pub tonight to watch Maryland basketball and at least the first half of the Bears-Dolphins Thursday night NFL tilt.

What’s expected of you?

Two things: 1) Show up 2) Bring four cans of food.

We’re in the very early stages of a winter canned food drive that we’re hoping nets 1,570 cans of food that we can distribute to area soup kitchens like the Canton Baptish Church (in Canton, obviously) and Eastern Interfaith Outreach in Essex. They’re in need of food to get Baltimore’s struggling men, women and families through the winter months, so we’re hoping to provide A LOT of food to them over the next 30 days.

I’m happy to report that we’ve already received two significant donations. Quaker Oats donated 300 “sample packs” of oatmeal and our old buddy and longtime listener “Ski” walked in to the radio station yesterday during the show and handed over 70 cans of soup.

So we’re on our way.

We’d love for you to show up tonight, have a beer and a burger with us at the Fullerton Pub, and bring along four cans of food to help with our drive.

If you don’t show up tonight, you’re going a long way to proving the Orioles right. Remember, they’re the ones that told me four years ago, “no one listens to your station.”

That said, if you can’t make it tonight, you are welcome to send along $5.00 (please, don’t feel compelled to send anymore than that…$5.00 is PERFECTLY acceptable) via PayPal to my account and I’ll confirm the receipt of it with you and e-mail you the details on exactly what we bought with your $5.00 (canned goods, of course, but I’ll let you know EXACTLY what.)

Here’s the link to PayPal if you need it. My ID is “”.

Really, $5.00 would go a long way in helping us, but so would showing up tonight, having a beer with us, and dropping off four cans at The Fullerton Pub.

We really want to see you.  And that means all of you, even the haters.  If the Mike Oxbig’s of the world and the NotWNST’s of the world want to come out tonight and have an evening of amnesty, we’re all for that.  Bring your four cans, come on in, shake hands, have a beer with us and then tomorrow you can go back to hating us.

I hope to see you tonight at The Fullerton Pub.