Too early to tell…

August 01, 2008 | Keith Melchior

It’s August 1st and the Ravens first “real” game is in 38 days.  I sure hope the injury bug isn’t going to bite this team hard like it did last season. It’s not looking too promising right about now with 1/2 the starters on offense banged up, but it’s too early to tell whats going to happen in Ravenstown.

Manny to the Dodgers. The Red Sox better be praying hard that Jason Bey can hit AL pitching and can protect Big Papi or it’s sayonara come October 1st. Will the trade benefit both the Dodgers AND the Red Sox? It’s too early to tell.

Tampa Bay Rays in 1st place…WOW . I know both the Rays and the Yankees are happy to see Manny gone. Will the Rays fade? A little too early to tell.

Not one  Oriole player was traded like all the local talking heads thought. Who will go, if anyone? There’s still time to make the waiver-wire trade deadline, but right now it’s too early to tell.

I saw the early odds posted for the division champs, conference champs and Super Bowl. Funny how every team is one ACL tear from going from 1st to worst. We know all too well around here that 1 or 2 injuries to key position players can be devastating to a team. It’s too early to tell who will be successful.

The Orioles have 51 wins with 55 games to go. Wow..I thought they’d only have 60 for the season so they have far exceeded any of my expectations. Can you imagine what it would be like around here if they could have only split those Sunday games and not suffered through 15 straight losses? They need to go 30-25 down the stretch to finish at .500  Any bets they’ll go 20-35? It’s too early to tell.