‘Too hard’ on J.O.? Pleeeeeaassseee…

January 29, 2008 | Drew Forrester

Now the critics are saying Casey and I were “too hard” on Jon Ogden today when he stopped by for a visit at radio row in Phoenix. 

Ready for two samples?

Drew –

JO didn’t sound too thrilled with those fastballs (as you called them) as you called them.  You and Casey have nothing better to do but to bring on a Hall of Famer and harrass him about your boy Brian Billick and his decision to speak out against the likes of Marty Schottenheimer.  Do us all a favor, just ask him who’s going to win the Super Bowl and ask him if he’s coming back next year or not and save all the ESPN-the-Magazine questions for people who know how to handle those situations.  It’s obvious to anyone listening that you put him in an awkward position today .  Oh yeah, here are a couple of radio tips: Stop giving us the time every five minutes and tell Casey to speak up, OK? 




Oh wise one, you sure did a good job of putting Ogden on the spot today.  Good luck getting any other Ravens to join you in Radio Row for the rest of the week.  Hope you brought your golf clubs.  I have a feeling the guest list is going to be a little slim this year.

Kevin in West Baltimore


At last check, I had six total e-mails from people thinking we were out of line for asking Jon Ogden the questions we asked…what do you expect us to do?  There are only three questions I would think any Ravens fan wants to hear J.O. answer.

1. How do you feel about Harbaugh and his reported “tough guy” style?

2. There are reports out of Baltimore that you, Ray Lewis and other players had a meeting with Steve Bisciotti in which you all voiced your displeasure with Brian Billick’s return in ’08.  Any truth to that?

3.  Are you returning in 2008?

Other than those three questions, I can’t imagine any others really matter, right?

So, we asked those three questions.

And, I don’t think Ogden was pissed off with us…not at all. He answered them.  He expected them, in fact. 

Those were the three questions Ogden deserved to hear from us and we asked them.  We get to talk one-on-one with Jon Ogden about once or twice a year…today was the day we had him in front of us and we asked the questions.

You can hear the interview on www.wnst.net and listen for yourself.

By the way, since when did a guy who has made $60 million playing football care about a couple of tough questions?

That’s it for now.  I just thought it was kind of laughable that people actually think we were “too hard” on Jon Ogden today.  Had we NOT asked those questions, I’d have a dozen e-mails blasting us for lobbing him softballs.