Top 10 Questions from today’s press conference

January 01, 2008 |

  1. What made Steve Biscotti reference Bill Cowher today during his press conference and deny that he has had any meeting with him when he was not even asked about Cowher?
  2. What does #52 think about Billick being fired? Like Brian or not, he stuck his neck out more for Ray Lewis than most anyone else would do, and Ray hardly ever returned the favor or stuck up for Brian.
  3. If you are Steve Biscotti, do you call Art Moddell and talk to him about what you are thinking and how he would handle the situation? After all Steve has always said how he valued Art’s opinion. I mean, you are questioning the guys who wash the players’ cars about what they think about Brian, why not at least get some input from Art?
  4. Why does Ozzie Newsome always get a free pass? To say that Brian “took one for the team” for him would be an understatement.
  5. How can guys like Suggs and J.O. be so shocked to see Brian fired, but so quick to start singing the praises of Rex Ryan and randomly tossing names out like Kirk Ferentz?
  6. Did anyone else hear Rick Neuheisel’s comments about the future of this team after the game on Sunday? “I hope that there isn’t any major implosions here because I think that would be a mistake."  Rick then went on to talk about the coaching staff: “I know the coaches are coming back with the eagerness that they all have.”
  7. How are new and younger players supposed to respect the coach when they see veteran leaders always questioning everything the coach says and nothing being done to them?
  8. Can you fire a guy for admitting to and wanting to turn over the offense during the season and you tell him, "No?"
  9. Did Biscotti meet with someone in the P.R. department about how he should handle some of the questions at the press conference before he went in there?
  10. In a blog that I wrote a while back, I posed the question as to whether you would want "Billick with no McNair back" or "McNair with no Billick back," I guess we now know which is more likely to happen. Is this an indication that the players (or certain players) have way too much input into the decisions this team makes?