Top-10 Reasons Ravens Lost To The Packers …..

December 08, 2009 |

In the spirit of “America’s Best Late-Night” talk show host, I would like to dedicate this today’s blog to a David Letterman staple.

It’s time for today’s Top-10 ….. “Reasons The Ravens Lost To The Packers” …..

10) No Ed Reed or Terrell Suggs …..

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Do yo think the Ravens missed their PRO BOWL DUO last night? Hats off to Zibikowski ….. he played his position and owned up to the mistakes – AFTER THE GAME. I’m just wondering if Mike Preston will note the Ravens are showing racial bias, again.

9) These Guys Right Here …..

No excuses – blaming an outcome on officiating is a futile process. But, the NFL has changed the aggressive culture of the game and their “brainwashed policemen” are a hindrance to good, old fashioned football.

8) A Letdown At Lambeau …..


The Ravens had every opportunity to win on the BIG STAGE – and as usual, they couldn’t overcome the mystique of LEGEND.

7) Kelley Washington Is Not A “Go To Guy” …..

Is there some unknown aversion to Kelley Washington? Is it just my impression OR do the Ravens turn to Washington only out of desperation? This guy seems to rise to the occasion – it would be nice to see him become a little more involved in the offense …..

6) The ESPN Announcers OUTED The Ravens …..

How is the team supposed to win when Tirico, Jaworski and Gruden kept picking out the mistakes and shortcomings. So, the team didn’t play with urgency and drew an overwhelming amount of yellow hankies. What’s the big deal? And, did you see Gruden’s jacket? Wow ….. that thing was straight off the set of Donnie Brasco …..

5) Speaking Of Urgency …..

Watching the Ravens Offense moving lethargically down the field when they’re collectively pressed for time is extremely disappointing. I don’t get it ….. you don’t get it ….. and Tirico/Jaworski/Gruden definitely don’t get it.

4) LeRon McClain Missed The Flight To Green Bay …..

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He wasn’t at Lambeau, last night, was he ??? ZERO CARRIES – ZERO RECEPTIONS – ZERO COMMON SENSE …..

3) What Happened To Cam Cameron – The Offensive Guru ???

What do you think ….. Howie Long for Offensive Coordinator? Crew cuts across the board !!!! Seriously, can someone please take a half-gallon of Vanilla Ice Cream over to Winning Drive and put it on Cam’s desk. What happened all that style and innovation …..

2) Above-Average Joe Has Become Below-Average Joe

The one guy I can’t blame for FLACCO MANIA is Joe Flacco. He’s been a reluctant recipient of the adoration from Baltimore football fans. But, he’s not performing at 2008 levels and it’s concerning.

1) Not Enough Harbaughs on The Sideline …..

Ahh, what you cannot see in the above photo is BIG BROTHER Jim Harbaugh standing behind the Ravens Head Coach. Was last night’s debacle, in front of a national audience as embarassing as it gets? I totally support brotherly love, but couldn’t Jim and Jack find a spot in a luxury box?

Good Grief ……