Top Five Shows I’ve Worked That Can Raise Prices on Game Days!!

January 20, 2010 |

Just to voice my own personal gripe regarding O’s bumping up game day tix prices, here’s a top 5 to chew on…

1) JAY Z —- Recently at FMA (First Mariner Arena) and show was outstanding… No gripe from me raising his tix prices day of the show. Hell, most people paid over 100 bucks already, what’s another 2 dollars…lol.

2) Monster Trucks — Hell, these guys have been raising tix prices as long as they’ve been coming to the Arena and walk ups are still phenomenal. Even if “Grave Digger” isn’t there.

3) ArenaCross — Younger step child of Monster Trucks also bump prices two bucks for tix purchased on the day of the show. These guys even bump up the prices for “amatuer day” on Sunday.

4) Frankie Beverly and Maze — the quintessential Pier Six show baby… They always put on a great show and can also get away with a small increase on show day.

5) Professional Bull Riding — You know I’d pay a few dollars more on show day to watch “Bone Crusher” throw some cowboy off in less then 8 seconds…lol.