Tough Win vs. Great Loss

December 14, 2010 | John West

I can’t help but think of life in this perspective today. We all know the correct answer is a tough win, right? I think we can feel pretty bad about this win, but still be happy we got the win rather than feeling really bad with the loss. Because let’s be very clear, a loss last night to the Texans would have been a disaster.

On the last play of regulation, the MNF crew put up a statistic that showed the Ravens had run 16 plays in the second half, and the Texans ran 51 plays. My GOD, 51 plays in 1 half is amazing. No wonder why our defense was dragging.

I don’t know the solution to our offensive problems. I do know that we won’t get far in the playoffs if we don’t figure it out. I also know that if we could figure out our problems on offense, it looks like we could win the Super Bowl. It’s just so damn frustrating to watch this team. We are so close to being a Super Bowl contender, but we clearly aren’t after 13 games. This being so close to a legitimate Super Bowl threat is what is driving all this frustration at being 9-4.

With all this hand wringing about the Ravens not getting a first round bye, I have some analysis. If we have a 2 game cushion in the playoff standings and we are in the last week’s game against the Bengals, we could pull a “Colts” and not play anyone. This appears to be a legitimate chance with 2 games to go before the last game of the season. Just keep your eyes out and see what happens, but I don’t have any problem with the Ravens phoning in the last game with nothing to lose, or gain.

I liked the decision to play Cousins at right tackle and play Chris Chester at TE for ½ of the game. That appears to have been a good plan. In the second half, it wasn’t executed well at all. The Texans defense is the worst in the league, and they were getting a ridiculous amount of pressure on Joe. Again, this needs to be fixed and the fact that it isn’t, by week 13, leads me to believe it can’t be fixed with this roster. Very frustrating.

When did Josh Wilson become a legitimate CB in this league? Last night is the correct answer. This is very exciting news for our defense. If he can keep playing close to this level, this will solve one key problem we have been having this year on defense. Great game Josh.

I know I’ve seen Ed Reed play this bad before, but for the life of me I can’t remember when. On second thought, this might have been the worst I have ever seen Ed play. This one is scary. We have no back-up plan for Ed not playing great for the remainder of this season. He really needs to turn his play around. I would say I know he can, except I have never seen him play this bad before, and I am pretty sure I have seen him play with a broken back.