Trembley, Carano, Criminal Wideouts, and a Date w/ LT

August 21, 2009 |

So I introduced myself to the WNST world with a blog about golf. That’s one of my top passions. What I wanted to do in my second shot was to go over some things that I think and hopefully light a fire or two under some of you to get some response. I know this is a sports site, so I will keep my thoughts as close to that as possible. I figure list form is always best when making a series of claims so here goes:
1.) I am not an Orioles fan in any shape or form. My family is in New England so I tend to lean towards the Red Sox, but as a young kid, when the O’s were still kind of relevant, they were my second team. And nothing would make me happier to than to see them re-emerge as a power in baseball. I preface my opinions on the team with that beginning piece. Some things I know about the team include if they fire Dave Trembley, it would rank up there with one of the most unjust things that has ever happened in sport. That man has had some of the worst and most inexperienced talent a major league roster has seen ever. Not to say Brian Roberts, Nick Markakis and Adam Jones aren’t talented right now, or that some of the younger guys don’t have promise, but the pitching has been suspect at best, and the organization has been preaching to him that if he stays dedicated to getting this team righted, much like the fans in this town, they will be rewarded with a competitive product. That would be most unfair and unfortunate to Trembley if they fired him before he could see that come to be.
2.) I am pretty bummed Michael Vick didn’t end up here. Like I know we have Troy, and he is excellent in running his part of the NFL Option (I HATE the term Wildcat; all it really is, is an option offense). I like him a lot. He is a winner. But I would have wanted Vick just for the mere circus it would have created. I don’t think what he did was really that wrong. Yes its horrible to end life early, as he did to several of his dogs. But what bothered me about what he did was the gambling aspect, and not so much the dog fighting aspect. We live in Baltimore. I’m sure that stuff goes on all the time in our streets. Hell, my sister helped to rehab a baby pit bull pulled from such an environment. The guy went to jail, paid his retribution. It doesn’t matter if he is a role model or not. He wasn’t hired by the Eagles to babysit your kid or to tuck them in at night and bring them milk, cookies, and a warm hug. he was signed to take the football, run or pass, and score points. He is going to do amazing things for Donovan McNabb and Philly’s offense. Call me a little jealous.
3.) A sarcastic ‘Way to go’ to Christiane ‘Cyborg’ Santos for pummeling Gina Carano pretty much killing any chance women’s MMA will ever be anything of value in this country. See with women’s sports it pays when your starts are attractive to the eyes of the 18-45 year old male. There is no person who can tell me that’s not the case. Carano is a hottie, plain and simple. Santos not so much. Destroying Carano basically makes it obvious that the better looking competitor couldn’t hold up as the marketable ‘Big Name’ in the sport. It helps that Danica Patrick, Natalie Gulbis, Jennie Finch, Ana Ivanovic, Maria Sharapova, Heather Mitts, Gabrielle Reece, Candace Parker and other stars in their sports are gorgeous AND have won. This markets their sports. This makes them more appealing to watch. Their hot and their good. Great job by ‘Cyborg’ for wrecking something which could have really worked out in MMA’s favor.
4.) Joe Flacco will have a better season than Matt Ryan this year. In college Matt Ryan threw more passes than any quarterback when he was in college at all three levels. Joe caught up last season, especially over the last 2/3rds of the season. I have really good feelings about Joseph Vincent this year. The light seemed to click for him last year right around the Houston game. In fact, it seemed like the offense as a whole clicked around then. And besides for the Pittsburgh games, it seemed to stay above water. And I’m glad we didn’t get the big time receiver. There are certain people in this town I would like to see have to suffer as the Ravens once again compete for the Lombardi trophy without a so called Go-To receiver. By the way, I’d take Derrick Mason any day after what he did last year.
5.) I figure I’d go out with a parting shot. I saw on my Comcast On-Screen guide that it looks like WJZ has decided to broadcast the O’s-Indians game on Saturday Aug 29th instead of the much more appealing NFL preseason game between the Chargers and Falcons. Look, this time of year the Orioles are as much of a Dan Quayle-like non-factor. I would much prefer to watch LT and Phillip Rivers duke it out with Atlanta. Can’t we put this pointless baseball game between two cellar-dwellers on some other network and make the NFL game available. Look, we only get 24 weeks of football a year. That’s a lot less than the 127 weeks of baseball a year. Don’t take a good season appetizer away for Felix Pie against Carl Pavano.