Trembley gone, but nothing will change

June 04, 2010 | Paul Hoke

The rumors were flying all over the Baltimore sports landscape yesterday.  Baltimore Orioles manager Dave Trembley was in the final hours of his Oriole managerial career.  The scuttlebutt was that third base coach Juan Samuel would take over as the interim manager.  Now I don’t know what kind of impact Samuel is going to have as the interim manager, but I do know that it instantly upgrades the third base coaching spot.  As I blogged yesterday, “The Windmill” had to go.

But back to Trembley.

I can’t say that I completely dislike Trembley.  He may be a great guy.  But as a baseball manager, he isn’t major league capable.  Almost in the same way that Ray Miller was never a major league manager.  Coach maybe, minor league manager, ok, but it’s a completely different world when you’re managing 25 big league personalities.  Not that it was all Trembley’s fault, I mean let’s face it.  If Earl Weaver would’ve been given Garret Atkins, Luke Scott, Julio Lugo, and this bullpen, he would’ve resigned in 1972.  But Trembley’s abrasive personality, his bristling at the media, and his just total lack of fire or the ability to lead did him in.  Not just in my eyes, but also, it appears, in the eyes of many Baltimore baseball fans.

But of course, losing does have a tendency to beat even the nicest person down.  The losing got to ol’ Dave.  Just like it got to Perlozzo, and Mazzilli, and Hargrove….noticing a pattern here.  I mean let’s face it, Trembley’s full time hold on the position started with a 30-3 drubbing at the hands of the Texas Rangers.  Boy was that an omen.

Now, steps in Juan Samuel.

We all know that Samuel is not the permanent answer at the position.  At least let’s hope not.  I hope, and the Orioles have a way of doing just the opposite of what everyone hopes will happen, that at the end of the season, the entire coaching staff gets the old pink slip, and the Orioles conduct a full on managerial search at the end of the season, and here’s something the Orioles never seem to do…LET THE NEW GUY HIRE HIS OWN STAFF!!!!!

Good bye Crow.

Good bye Kranitz.

Good by Samuel.

Although I do like T-Bone Shelby.  He was one of my favorite Orioles when he played with the team until he was traded to the Dodgers in the late 80’s.

But really, will this change?  Will Samuel take a 15-39 team and provide enough of a spark to help them play at least some form of respectable baseball through September?  The answer is a resounding NO!  Because no matter which toilet bowl you use, turds are still turds.  Atkins can’t hit.  Jones can’t stop reading his own press clippings long enough to catch a fly ball.  Tejada is past his prime.  Wigginton is coming back to Earth.  Wieters has regressed.  Markakis has become a slap hitter.  And this offense can’ score more then 3 runs.

No manager in the world can improve that.  This team is full of 2nd, 3rd, and in some cases, 4th tier players.  Most of whom wouldn’t crack the starting lineup on good teams.  That’s why it won’t change.

I do support the firing of Trembley.  But like I’ve said, and many others have said, nothing will change until MacPhail starts spending money and bringing in good major league ballplayers.  But there’s something that I can’t but feel may become a reality…..

We used to have to overpay by millions to bring in respectable talent…..

Given this season, I don’t think that will be good enough anymore.

No one wants to come here.  No one wants to play here.  And i don’t blame them.

And that all starts, with the front office.

Go Ravens!!!!