Trembley: “Lack of professionalism” remark is eye-opening

September 03, 2009 | Drew Forrester

If you missed the Dave Trembley press conference after last night’s 10-2 thumping at the hands of the Yankees, you missed one of the more eye-opening moments of the O’s second-half collapse.

As Trembley walked in the room to face the media, a throng of people – O’s player’s wives, girlfriends, children, family members, hanger-ons, au pairs – behaved like they were at the carnival in the hallway just a few feet away. 

His team having just had a pin-stripe broom shoved up their backside for three straight nights in front of 70,000 fans of the other team, Trembley probably didn’t want the atmosphere to be so lively in and around the locker room.

I know it’s late in the season and “we’re not gonna win anyway”, but the manager still wants the players to feel the sting a little bit after a loss – or three straight – to a division rival.

Instead, kids shrieking and laughing overwhelmed the room as Trembley sat down.  So, he started his press-conference with this:  “This is pretty tough with what’s going on out there (the noise).”  Later, he added:  “It’s (playing the Yankees) about as tough as me sitting here and having to listen to all those people out there and me sitting in here and trying to be professional, which we are all trying to do.  But the lack of professionalism that’s going on in that hall, it’s not easy for anybody.”

Here’s the link if you want to watch what Trembley had to endure last night.  Make sure you pay close attention to the background noise with the whole place sounding like recess at kindergarten.

You want another reason why the team stinks? 

Watch the video again.

“Lack of professionalism”.   Trembley said it, not me.

But he’s right.

Your team just got punched in the mouth for three straight nights and the other team pissed on you in the top of the 9th inning and ran up the score on your club and you’re already not in a great mood – and you’d rather your players not be so jovial either.  And while you’re listening to the media grill you about why your team stinks, you can’t think for yourself because Little Einsteins is playing 30 feet away from you – live.

As a side note, a son of a former Yankees AND Orioles player called the show this morning and noted that children of Yankees’ players were NOT allowed near the team’s locker room after a loss. 

If you’re in the Dave Trembley-has-to-go Club, you have to at least recognize that it’s tough to work under those conditions and have to convince your players to take this whole thing seriously when you have that going on 30 feet away from you.

Here’s a solution:  Don’t have the wives/girlfriends/kids room across the hall from the locker room.  There, problem solved.  In other words, make sure the locker room and the area surrounding the locker room is reserved for THE PROFESSIONALS.  It’s a work space – the locker room – and it should be treated as such.  To have a live version of The Brady Bunch take place in your office is, as Trembley noted, unprofessional.

That wouldn’t happen at M&T Bank Stadium, if you know what I mean.

As an aside, I’ll give Trembley five stars for NOT completely blowing up last night.  What he did was enough.

He embarrassed the club for their lack of professionalism.

Good for him.