May 04, 2009 |

You must give Orioles manager Dave Trembley some credit.  He basically said, “to heck with everyone”, and decided to stick to his guns and do things his way.  I am referring to Trembley giving the ball to George Sherrill with a 4 run lead in the 9th inning against Tampa Bay Monday night.  Sherrill would reward his trusting manager by closing out the victory, but the win didn’t come without some serious heartburn moments from Georgie.  After a horrible start to the season for Sherrill and an era working it’s way towards 6, Trembley went on record saying his closers role was now in flux.  He could have very easily gone with just about anybody else in the birds bullpen to stop the six game losing streak, but the skipper went with Sherrill and it finally paid off.  Finally!

Give credit where credit is due.  Trembley knew he had to get this win this ballgame.  He has recently come under fire for some questionable managerial decisions and has failed miserably with those decisions as the Orioles quickly sunk to the nether regions of the division.  He had to have this win.  Baltimore had to have this win.  Trembley went against convention, and got the win!  How ironic is it that the game ending out came thanks to a spectacular catch by leftfielder Felix Pie.   Trembley put Pie in as a defensive replacement for Luke Scott in the 8th inning.  Felix might be the only person in an Orioles jersey who has come under more fire than Trembley.  On this night, they saved each others bacon.  It’s just one night though.  Sometimes the ball just bounces the right way for you and Dave “the gambler” Trembley hit 21 with his late inning moves. 

It was a huge win for the struggling (to say the least) Orioles and hopefully it will quiet the anti-Trembley critics for at least a few weeks.   There should not be any discussion of firing the Orioles manager just 25 games into the season.  Baltimore has been on this carousel for wayyyyy too long.  No baseball organization will ever be successful dumping a manager every 18 months.  Just won’t happen.   Trembley deserves to try and see this thing through, at least for the entire 2009 season.  It does not appear that he has lost the clubhouse, and for one night at least, he made some great moves and showed some guts in the process.  Those decisions could go a long way in the locker room.  Or it just might be a meaningless win in May.  Call me crazy, but something tells me that by sticking to his guns, Dave Trembley will no longer be under the gun.