December 15, 2010 |


    Here are the answers to the college football bowl game trivia posted a couple of days ago. How many did you know?



      The last time Maryland was in a bowl (the 2008 Humanitarian Bowl), which current player took home the MVP award?

     Da’Rel Scott had 174 yds rushing in the 42-35 win.

      QUESTION 2

       The Naval Academy has a storied tradition, but did not win a bowl game until January 1st, 1955. Which bowl and against who, did they achieve this first victory?

        Navy beat Ole Miss 21-0 in the 1955 Sugar Bowl



    Here is and easy and hard one all in one. I’ll be impressed by anyone that knows this off the top of their head. Who won the Insight Bowl….. last year?

   Iowa State beat Minnesota   14-13


    TCU came very close the last two years, to being the first smaller conference school since BYU in 1984 to have a real chance at the national title after the bowls. BYU beat Michigan in the Holiday Bowl to make their case, but it wasn’t locked up until Washington beat what #2 ranked team in the Orange Bowl?

    The Huskies beat the Oklahoma Sooners 28-17

       QUESTION 5

    Maryland plays East Carolina in the Military Bowl on December 29th. This is the 3rd official name for the bowl in only its third season. Can anyone remember the original name given to this bowl back in the spring of 2008?

     The Congressional Bowl

      QUESTION 6

      Today the importance of the “BCS” bowl games has damaged the brands of all others. But some have long and storied traditions that rival those of the now anointed important bowls. Who knows which current non-BCS game is the oldest?


     The Sun Bowl in El Paso, TX began in 1935