Trivia fun time V

June 15, 2009 |


     I just got back from watching my town’s high school play in the Kentucky State Baseball Final. Unfortunately they lost 5-3. The real story was that they began the tournament with a record of 6 wins and15 losses. Yes, all 300 KY high schools play in one single elimination tournament with everyone invited no matter how bad their regular season was. They were living proof that a season isn’t ever over until it really is over.

    So my fifth round of trivia will have a theme. All answers will be posted in a few days.


1)   Since 1967 what team won the Stanley Cup with the worst non-strike regular season record?


2)  Since 1966 what team won the NBA Finals with the worst regular season record?


3) Since 1969 what team won the World series with the worst non-strike regular season record?


4)  Since 1966 what team won the Super Bowl with the most losses?

5)  Since 1960 what team won the NCAA Mens’ Basketball tournament with the most losses?


6)  A four parter. Who was the most recent number one overall draft pick to win a championship in……….






        Since my earlier trivia blogs were hidden away in the contestant section, I will post an old one with each new set. Just for a little extra fun.

                                    (Originally posted on April 13th)

Question 1–  What college was attended by my childhood football hero Minnesota Vikings QB Tommy Kramer?


Question 2–  What Oriole was the starting pitcher in the first home game of the inaugural Oriole season in 1954?


Question 3– Bear Bryant left  Texas A&M to take the Alabama head football coaching job in 1958. What other three men have also held both of those positions?


Question 4– When Kurt Warner and Ben Roethlisberger took the field in Super Bowl 43 it had been a few years since the two starting QB’s had already won Super Bowl rings as starters. In which Super Bowl  before this years had it happened most recently?


Question 5– What Hall of Fame boxer was held to a surprisingly close decision victory by fringe contender Randy Shields at the Baltimore Civic center in October of 1978?


Question 6– What lower division college basketball coach took his teams to 9 national championship games (winning 4) during the years between the 1997-98 season and 2007-08?