Trivia Fun Time VI —- answers

July 16, 2009 |


    Here are the answers to the trivia questions I posted last week.  If you didn’t see the questions last week, consider this just a factoid page.


Question 1-    Who was the first MLB player to sign a contract worth at least one million dollars a year?

                       Nolan Ryan, in 1979 with the Astros

Question 2-    Which university won, not just the first ACC men’s basketball tournament, but the first three tournaments?

      NC State won in 1954,55,and 56

Question 3-    What school and for what years did Baltimore legend Johnny Unitas play his collegiate ball?

         I once lived in Unitas Hall at…The University of Louisville. Unitas was on the team in 1951,52,53, and 54. I know that was easy for Baltimorean’s, but I like to bring up Louisville whenever possible.

Question 4-    In 1965 the WBA sanctioning organization removed its belt from the universally recognized heavyweight champion (Muhammad Ali) and named their own champion for the first time. Who was it?

           The Legendary……….. Ernie Terrell.  Who? exactly

Question 5-     In 1989 the US men’s soccer team defeated Trinidad and Tobago 1-0 to advance to its first World Cup in 40 years. Who scored the goal?

                    Paul Caligiuri

Question 6-   Who leads the University of Maryland in career passing yardage?

                               Current Montreal Alouettes OC Scott Milanovich




                                              (originally posted April 20th)


1. Who was the leading rusher for the Indianapolis Colts in their first year of existence in 1984?

                Randy McMillan

2.  Which DC United soccer player scored the franchises first ever goal in their 3rd game, a 2-1 home loss to the LA Galaxy?

     Raul Diaz Arce

3.  In 1983 the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville played their first basketball game against each other in 24 years in the NCAA tournament. It could have happened the year before. What school upset Kentucky in the first round to prevent the matchup?

     Middle Tennesse St.

4. The Edmonton Oilers won 4 Stanley Cups in 5 years between 1984 and 1988. During their runs to the Cup, which franchise was defeated by the Oilers at some point during each playoff?

            Winnipeg Jets

5. Which Baltimore Oriole with a .310 batting average and 29 home runs finished 16th in the 1993 AL MVP race?

               Chris Hoiles


6.   What two Hall of Fame boxers faced both Spinks brothers (Michael and Leon)?

                                    Larry Holmes and Dwight Qawi