Troy Smith seeking trade. Moving van needed.

December 28, 2009 | Drew Forrester

I’m going to assume that the tweet sent flying today by Troy Smith’s agent, Ralph Cindrich, is true.

Troy Smith wants a trade.

That’s what Cindrich says.

Cindrich is “professional” enough to make sure he mentions the trade will be sought after the “playoffs and SB run”.

What a guy.  He obviously doesn’t want to do anything to disrupt Troy’s current employer, huh?

So Troy Smith wants out.  Wow, I’m not sure how the Ravens are going to move forward without him. That radio show he handles every Monday night is gripping stuff.  And the 50 or so plays he’s been a part of this year have really stood out as something special.

The Ravens are sure gonna miss Troy Smith.

Anyone have some empty boxes to contribute to the move?