True All Star Rosters : The AL Version

July 01, 2009 | Tom Clayton

With the fans portion of All Star voting ending on Friday I figured I would debut my All Star team.  I based my roster entirely on production and avoided putting players on the team simply because of name recognition.  I also used last years All Star rosters as a blueprint choosing 33 total player per league (MLB added another pitcher to the roster for a total of 33 to help prevent a repeat of last years fiasco) with thirteen pitchers and twenty position players.  And of course I was handcuffed by choosing one player from every team.  All stats are as of 7-01-09.  My AL roster looks like this:



First Base

*Mark Texieria New York

.275   20HR   60RBI   1SB   .384OBP   .568Slugg%


Miguel Cabrera Detroit

.331   16HR   47RBI   3SB   .330OBP%   .556Slugg%


Justin Morneau Minnesota

.309   19HR   64RBI   0SB   .389OBP   .574Slugg%


Kevin Youkilis Boston

.314   14HR   47RBI   4SB   .439OBP   .593Slugg%


Carlos Pena Tampa Bay

.238   23HR   55RBI   1SB   .365OBP   .550Slugg%


Second Base

*Aaron Hill, Toronto

.301   19HR   56RBI   3SB   .341OBP   .504Slugg%


Ian Kinsler, Texas

.267   19HR   51RBI   16SB   .344OBP   .521Slugg%


Third Base

*Evan Longoria Tampa Bay

.297   16HR   63RBI   2SB   .377OBP   .558Slugg%


Brandon Inge Detroit

.275   18HR   52RBI   2SB   .367OBP   .521Slugg%



*Jason Bartlett Tampa Bay

.362   7HR   36RBI   17SB   .401OBP   .560Slugg%


Derek Jeter New York

.307   9HR   32RBI   17SB   .381OBP   .451Slugg%



*Joe Mauer, Minnesota

.392   14HR   44RBI   1SB   .467OBP   .667Slugg%


Victor Martinez, Cleveland

.313   14HR   57RBI   .392OBP   .522Slugg%



*Jason Bay, Boston

.262   19HR   62RBI   5SB   .370OBP   .535Slugg%


*Ichiro, Seattle

.373   6HR   18RBI   16SB .405OBP   .500Slugg%


*Torii Hunter Los Angeles

.306   17HR   57RBI   12SB   .384OBP   .576Slugg%


Carl Crawford, Tampa Bay

.320   8HR   38RBI   40SB   .377OBP   .471Slugg%


Adam Jones, Baltimore

.305    12HR   44RBI   5SB   .359OBP   .509Slugg%


Nelson Cruz Texas

.262   19HR   57RBI   12SB   .330OBP   .532Slugg%


Jermaine Dye, Chicago

.295   18HR   48RBI   0SB   .363OBP   571Slugg%


Starting Pitchers

*Zack Grienke, Kansas City

10-3   1.95ERA   114K’s   115.1IP


Roy Halladay, Toronto

10-2   2.56ERA   95K’s   105IP


Jared Weaver, Los Angeles

8-3   2.65ERA   85K’s   102IP


Justin Verlander, Detroit

8-4   3.54ERA   130K’s   109.1IP


Felix Hernandez, Seattle

8-3   2.54ERA   107K’s   109.2IP


Josh Beckett, Boston

9-3   3.67ERA   99K’s   105.1IP


Relief Pitchers

Jonathan Papelbon, Boston

1-1   20Saves   22SVO   1.80ERA   34K’s   35IP


Joe Nathan Minnesota

1-1   21Saves   23SVO   1.44ERA   39K’s   31.1IP


Brian Fuentes, Los Angeles

0-2   22Saves   25SVO   3.62ERA   30K’s   27.1IP 


David Aardsma, Seattle

2-2   16Saves   17SVO   1.49ERA   46K’s   36.1IP


Andrew Bailey, Oakland

4-1   2.14ERA   54K’s   46.1IP


George Sherrill, Baltimore

0-1   1Saves   20SVO   2.51ERA   31K’s   31.1IP


Mariano Rivera, New York

1-2   19Saves   20SVO   2.84ERA   40K’s   31.2IP




Starting Lineup

RF Ichiro

CA Joe Mauer

LF Jason Bay

3B Evan Longoria

1B Mark Texieria

CF Torii Hunter

2B Aaron Hill

SS Jason Bartlett

SP Zack Grienke


Interesting Facts


Boston and Tampa Bay tied for the most players on the team with four. 


Mark DeRosa would have made the team at third base but he was traded to St. Louis last week.


The AL has an unbelievable amount of power hitting first basemen.