Truth: 6-game O’s mini-plans ARE available

February 23, 2009 | Drew Forrester

When I receive one e-mail from someone about a touchy subject, I generally don’t do a whole lot of follow-up other than responding to the original inquiry.  I’ve been on too many wild goose chases that all started as the result of one e-mail.

When I receive two or three referencing the same issue(s), though, I tend to put my investigator’s hat on and try to find out the truth.

Such was the case last week when three O’s fans reached out to me about an “apparent” web-site flaw with the Orioles.

It turns out, it wasn’t a flaw after all.

Three different WNST listeners/O’s fans went on-line last week to try and order a 6-game mini-plan for the 2009 season.  And why not?  Enthusiasm for the team is high, they’ve done the right thing by signing Markakis and Roberts long-term, there’s a surge of Matt Wieters fever in Baltimore and – ahem – “good seats are available”.

The only problem?  All three fans who went on-line to try and purchase the economically-attractive 6-game mini-plan couldn’t find it.  

Want to see for yourself?  Here’s the O’s site.  You’ll go to “tickets” on the main bar, then “partial ticket plans” under the drop-down menu.  Do you see “6-game” plan?  Me neither.  No one did.  

But, and this is the GOOD news (and I’m glad I have good news to bring — don’t want to be “too negative”) – you CAN buy a 6-game mini-plan.  They ARE available.  

Obviously, though, the O’s would rather you not buy a 6-game plan.  They’d prefer you go the 13-game route.  What other reason could they possibly give for not putting the 6-game plan on their web-site?

Here’s the (loose) explanation from the O’s ticket representative, Carey Paytas:

The 6-pack is being offered this year, though it is not advertised on the website. For more information or to talk to a ticket representative, please call (888) 848 BIRD and someone will be happy to assist you.

That comes in the form of an e-mail response from Paytas when questioned about the popular 6-game plan not being on the team’s web-site.  There’s no firm explanation given.  Just a reference to the fact that yes, it’s available…just not on the web-site.

So there you go — call 888-848-BIRD and get your 6-game plan.  

It’s available…

You just have to dig a little bit.

It shouldn’t have to be that way, of course, but —

I’ll just stay “positive” on this subject and encourage you to call the team and get your tickets.

Opening day is just around the corner.