Tuesday: A great night to be an O’s fan*

July 01, 2009 | Drew Forrester

I will get to all the details on Wednesday’s edition of The Comcast Morning Show, but last night’s O’s 11-10 win over Boston was one of those “you gotta see it, to believe it” moments.*

Sitting there in front of the TV in the 7th inning, I have to admit I thought “could they?” when Oscar Salazar hit that 3-home run to trim the lead to 10-6.*

I pulled out my Nick Markakis t-shirt and put it on in the 8th inning for some weird reason and then, lo and behold, ‘Kakes came up in the inning and knocked in the eventual game-winning run.*

I sat in there in amazement, rooting and screaming like a little leaguer in the 9th inning with Georeg Sherrill came in to the game and slammed the door on those rat-fink Red Sox.*

When does the TV crew get to the Forrester Mansion to film my own version of “This is Birdland” based off of last night’s win and the bedlam that ensued?*

How am I going to do a show today with only three hours of sleep?*


* None of this happened.  I went to bed at 9:30 during the rain delay.  Helluva comeback though.  I guess I could fib and say, “sat there and watched every pitch”…but I didn’t.  Sometimes you just gotta let them go and hope you did a good job of raising them.