Tuesday Morning’s Crab Cakes and Light Beer

March 10, 2009 |

The Swinging Bunt

Funny things concerning the Caps.  Alexander Ovechkin is a rock star, no doubt about it, and when you’re a big deal near the nation’s capital… you gotta do the Eastern Motors commercials.  You know the jingle… “At Eastern Motors, we’ll put you in a car today… At Eastern motors, finance it all the waaay.”  The Great 8 now joins Ray Lewis, Willis Mc Gahee, Jason Campbell, Clinton Portis, Brendan Haywood, and many other athletes who’ve performed in these legendary spots.  As I mentioned yesterday, the outtake of him asking for a couple shots of vodka is gold.  Also, I’m really glad the fans are getting involved in the Ovechkin-Crosby rivalry.

Scanning the Blogosphere

Baltimore Sports Report has a Fantasy Baseball Preview of players on the O’s who may be able to make an impact on your team this season, like “The Stud,” Nick Markakis or “The Second Fiddle,” Brian Roberts.

Camden Chat takes a look at potential options for 1B and 3B in next year’s free agent class, in case Melvin Mora and/or Aubrey Huff are not in Oriole uniforms after this season’s end.

Dempsey’s Army takes a look at how the O’s can win the A.L. East and makes a case against the Yankees.

Bugs and Cranks: “Good work, Jeremy.  Here’s a 15% pay cut.”  First line… “The cheapest ace in baseball just got even cheaper.”

SI’s The Ghost Writer Blog breaks down which NFL Draft Quarterback Class was better ’07 or ’08?  For the Ravens, it’s easy… which do you prefer Troy Smith or Joe Flacco?

Around the Harbor gives their weekly “Maryland Lacrosse Roundup: The State at War.”

CMS Video of the Day

This is a must see, then rewind and play again Dwyane Wade double-overtime game ending on-the-run three ball.  The most impressive part of the highlight is Wade’s instinctual sense to know that as time was running down that John Salmons was going to cross the ball over to start his move… as soon as Salmons showed it, you knew it was over.  I wish you could zoom in to actually see his eye balls light up like a Jackpot! sign.

I’ll be honest, I have him in one of my two fantasy basketball teams… more importantly the one I’m currently leading, largely because Wade is crushing it.  What I’m trying to say is that I’ve had a decently close eye on him all-season long and the NBA MVP mention he’s now only beginning to receive is long overdue.

Lebron and Kobe are without a doubt having MVP years, and so is Wade.  In every sport, every season, there’s more than one guy having an MVP season… this year in the NBA this season, three guys are.  Last, I’d say Kobe, the winner, Chris Paul, Kevin Garnett, and Lebron deserved consideration.

It’s just an awesome time to be an NBA fan.  It really seems as if this new generation of stars… last summer’s “Redeem Team” guys, are genuinely likable and worthy of such all-time high praise.

The immediate post-Jordan ‘next’ it players, Grant Hill, Tracy McGrady, Allen Iverson, and Vince Carter are now on their way out.

And there’s real talent coming up, too.  Kevin Durant, Rudy Gay, Michael Beasely, Derrick Rose… all very legit players.

The Morning’s Final Thought

ESPN.com’s Page 2 usually has some interesting reads, and one of favorites is their “Uni Watch: The Obsessive Study of Athletics in Sports.”

Since the overwhelming majority of us will not be getting down to Fort Lauderdale to see the hometown team in Grapefruit League action, so here’s the latest concerning the Orioles Spring Training Uniforms:

“Meanwhile, over in Orioles camp, the black script on the O’s tops is now outlined in white (a major improvement), plus there’s now a road BP jersey with a “Baltimore” script. The old BP tops only had uni numbers on the back, but the new ones have NOBs (that’s “name on back,” for those of you who don’t speak uni).”

So… when are these awesome all orange unis coming back?