Tuesday Morning’s Crab Cakes and Light Beer

February 17, 2009 |

The Swinging Bunt

Huge Media Turnout for Koji’s Bullpen Session.  Peter Schmuck relayed the news back to Baltimore that an astounding 30 members of the media came out to see Koji Uehara’s first bullpen session as a member of the Baltimore Orioles in Fort Lauderdale yesterday.  I checked with CMS host Drew Forrester and he said that unfortunately he was not present for the event; apparently the O’s only credential ‘real’ media members.  As I’m sure at least 27 of those 30 reporters were from the Far East, Drew probably should have said he was working with the ‘Yomiuri Shimbun,’ Japan’s most circulated newspaper publication, when applying for his O’s Spring Training press pass.

Phelps smoked with Poker Star?  No edition of ‘The Swinging Bunt’ would be complete without the latest from Bong-Gate.  The interesting news coming out of South Carolina yesterday is that the owner of the bong in question is actually a millionaire online poker player!  Shocking revelation, I know.  Zachery “Carter” King, who has earned more than $2M in winnings from playing cards online, is the reigning champ of the 2008 Poker Stars World Championship of Online Poker Main Event.  I have just one plea to King who obviously needs to internally reflect on his wrongdoings – Carter, using drugs is only a gamble with your life!  Too corny, you say?  I say, too true…  Up with hope, down with dope!

After game, Patsos was Phoenix on Letterman-esque?  Last night the Loyola Men’s Hoops Team lost an ugly 69-67 home game to MAAC cellar-dweller Canisius.  It’s the ‘Hounds 5th straight loss, dropping them to 6-10 in conference, and leaving their season hanging by a thread and on a respirator.  Head coach, and former Gary assistant, Jimmy Patsos seemed a little delusional afterward during his post-game interview with Loyola’s radio crew.  He didn’t address the embarrassing loss at all and instead chose to talk about: his team’s “good” effort, the fact that UVM Coach Mike Lonergan and Ravens OC Cam Cameron were both at the game and that he’s honored to have so many people at Reitz Arena watching his team.  He added that he’s proud of the program and left with a promise that his team will continue to play hard before taking off his headset and walking away.  Hellooo, Coach, what are you talking about!?!?  You just lost to a 2-13 Canisius team that was trailing by 11 with 7 minutes to play.  Coach P., now you have to know, the absolute last thing Greyhounds fans want to hear after a heartless effort is that you’re proud of your team!

Scanning the Blogosphere

Pro Football Talk has the comments from Chris McAlister shortly after his Baltimore career ended.

Connolly’s Corner Sports Bar asks Ravens fans, “How will you remember Chris McAlister’s Ravens career?”

Medium Well has a view on the Chris McAlister and Anita Marks BFF venting session, and not the drinking cold Coors Light kind.

Fanhouse quotes Terrell Suggs on an Arizona radio station saying to the Ravens front office, “If you want me on your team, prove it.” They also have what could be good news for the O’s in the A.L. East, “Roy Halladay Could Be Traded This Year.”

The Schmuck Stops Here has reasons why the O’s can’t rush Wieters, and notes Adam Jones has gotten considerably bigger.

The Hardball Times breaks down who is baseball’s #1 prospect, O’s catcher Matt Wieters or Rays P David Price?

O’s on Deck talks about “Which O’s pitching prospect makes the biggest impact?”

Tracking the Terps has there ‘observations’ to take note of before tonight’s game at Clemson.

Recruiting Report has all the latest on the Terps recruiting news including notes on potential basketball signee Lance Stephenson and the menace to backboards everywhere, Jordan Williams, in their “Weekend Wrap.”

With Leather has another interesting photo of a ‘stupid’ looking Dwyane Wade from All-Star Weekend, I gave my comments about what I thought about the fashion show yesterday.

CMS Video of the Day

There’s something about grown-ups dressed up as Presidents with giant heads running around baseball fields that really gets me going.

Do you think these people needed to send a resume and cover letter to get this audition?

Here’s a sample question from a potential interview…

“What prior experience in this field do you have, sir?

“Well, I have dressed up as a Brat and run all over Miller Park, this can’t be too different.

The Morning’s Last Call, “Tuesday’s Top 5 Edition”

Reasons CMS host Drew Doesn’t Want to go Orioles’ Spring Training Anyways:

5.  It isn’t baseball season, it’s Ravens off-season.

4.  He wouldn’t want miss the Baltimore Blast’s next home game February 20th against the Rockford Rampage.  In there last game they put up an amazing 37 goal performance against Massachusetts.  This Friday is a special one, it will be P.J. Wakefield Bobble-Head Night!  Tickets are available at the 1st Mariner Area Box Office, so walk on up and don’t miss out on another second of exciting NISL action!

3.  He’s not going anywhere until they finally sign Derek Lowe.

2.  He’s “Peter’d Out.”

1.  He does not associate with organizations who at times is as childish as Baby Ethan.