Tuesday Night ‘Fighting Ungers’

April 15, 2008 |

Tuesdays and Thursdays might be my favorite nights on the air because tonight we’ll be doing our “Fighting Ungers Busted Out Family and One Sports Question” trivia contest.

As regular listeners have heard us talk about many times, Andrew and I have had rather dark experiences as kids and some pretty crazy stuff has happened as adults as well. 

Neither one of us has led a particularly dull life.  True, Andrew has three kids now and a nice house but don’t think for a second that weird stuff doesn’t happen to him all the time.

As for me, well, let’s just say that being single and a comedian who travels the country lends itself to some interesting stuff.

Anyway, the contest- which might be the most VAIN, SELF INVOLVED and idiculous contest ever- invites listeners to answer three questions about our lives and, since we are on a sports station for crying out loud, one sports trivia question.  If you get 3 out of 4 right, you win a prize.  Here are the personal questions for tonight’s show:

Which Fighting Unger once gave his second grade teacher the finger… Marc or Andrew?

As children, the Fighting Ungers had a favorite indoor football game they created where each brother took turns trying to throw a football into their closet thereby scoring a touchdown. The brother on defense was supposed to hit his brother so hard backwards onto the bed that it caused a fumble or, at least, an incomplete pass.  The game was loud, brutal and angered the downstairs neighbors to no end.  Was the game called…

a) Closet football

b) Sack

c) smash ball

The fighting Ungers mother had issues with alcohol and would sometimes steal stuff from the neighbors.  One time she stole a watch belonging to the father of one of Marc and Andrew’s best childhood friends.  A few days later, after feeling guilty, she forced Andrew to return it. Question is, what was the friend’s name?

a) Andrew Gavruluk

b) Darren Accles

c) Stephen Locke

Marc has a scar on his nose from a bite he received when he was nineteen.  Did that bite come from

A) His first psychotic girlfriend who was angry because he cheated on her with her older sister.

b) A mafia guy in an after hours bar in Brooklyn because Marc didn’t treat him with respect.

c) Andrew

Guess which of the following jobs Andrew hated the most

A) Taking Tickets in a movie theatre

B) Working in an overly corporate environment at some stuffy finance company where he handled people’s finances while barely making much more than minimum wage.

c) Working in the Men’s department at Hechts

D) Making burgers and fries at Hardees in Reisterstown

I’m not going to give away the sports question yet because that one you could look up.  The questions above require you to either listen to the show regularly because we talk about some of this stuff or use logic based on what you think you know about our personalities.  VERY VAIN!

As for the prize, last week we offered $75 in cold, hard cash on Tuesday but, unfortunately, Art in Belair, actually WON!  We’ll never do that again.   But, I promise, tonight’s prize will be worth AT LEAST $50 in some form.

Also, tonight on the show we’ll be talking Ravens schedule, the NFL Draft and Orioles.  Plus, as usual, whatever else we choose to cover.  Hope you’ll tune in.