Tuesday Night in Dwayne’s World

January 12, 2010 | Dwayne Showalter

I am still smarting from the Maryland loss in OT against Wake Forest tonight. The Terps certainly showed the toughness of their coach and best player in a hostile Tobacco Road environment.

It seemed as if they had it won….until Milbourne’s foul on a three-point attempt in the final minute. And even after Wake tied the game, the Terps had two chances on the final possession of regulation, and two more in the final possession of overtime. None of the potential game winners went down.

At this time of the year, its hard for me to get into the college basketball scene when the Ravens are involved in the playoffs. But i have been pleased with what i have seen out of the Terps so far. William and Mary is a pretty darn good basketball team. They beat Wake Forest in OT a few weeks ago.  I see no shame in losing to them.  Cincinnati looks pretty tough too and the Terps always lose in Hawaii.  At any rate, going to Winston-Salem and taking the Deacs to OT, to me, is a good sign.

I like Jordan Williams. He is a raw freshman, but he reminds me a little of Brian Williams (RIP) from the Bob Wade days (full disclosure: Brian Williams sat in front of me in Astronomy101 in 1988 so i have a soft spot for him!). Brian Williams had talent and it was pretty obvious early in his freshman year.   I see some of the same qualities in Jordan.  He is raw but i see development.  I am hoping that Jordan can be that Lonny Baxter-type player that Maryland needs to hold up in the paint against the ACC elite. Mosely looks ready to take on all comers in the ACC. Greivis and Hayes look like seasoned seniors. Gregory, Milbourne and Bowie appear ready to contribute at a higher level.

I am hoping that Coach Williams can make this an interesting winter/spring. He deserves a smoother ride to the NCAA tournament than he has recently.

Go Terps. 

Party on!  Excellent!