Tuesday nite potpourri

May 14, 2008 | Keith Melchior

So when was the last time an Oriole closer had 15 saves before May 14th? George Sherill for President! Jim Johnson for VP! Red Sox LOSE. Life is good.

As a sports official, I cringe every time I read a story about a parent or coach doing something totally stupid at a youth sporting event. There have been parents attacking coaches, coaches slapping players, parents attacking referees, and now a local coach is jailed for brandishing a gun at a youth football game. Where does this all end?

Sadly, there are some really bad apples out there who think a youth game of any type is a life or death situation and if they don’t like the outcome, they really show stupidity in trying to take matters into their own hands. I applaud the judges for getting tough and trying to crack down on such ludicrous acts. What kind of example does being a moron reflect on the kids?  

I remember when there always used to be fights at the City/Poly games at Memorial Stadium back in the 70’s. And I think in the last few years somewhere in AA County, there was a riot at a Friday night football game and all games were pushed up earlier in the day for the remainder of the season. It isn’t going to be long before all youth sports sites will require a uniformed police officer during games as a deterrent of questionable behavior.

Maybe this latest local episode will make the lightbulb come on and deter anyone from trying a stunt like that. Keep youth sports fun and free of fear.