Twelve Days Of Christmas …..

December 13, 2009 |

Tomorrow, I’m kicking off a series of personally driven blogs, titled “The Twelve Days Of Christmas” …..

That’s right, for the next twelve days, I will devote a daily blog to wishing the Happiest of Holidays to some ideal folks. I suppose it’s my way of recognizing and saluting those who really struck emotion in me, in 2009.

And, it’s also my intended effort of putting a unique spin on the Holiday Season, while examining and discussing some people and topics that impact the world of sports and entertainment …..

Along the way, I’ll even include a few of Baltimore’s interests.

Each day, will be about a different message. And, it’s my hope to remember everyone.

Young & Old …..

Rich & Poor …..

Holy & …. Umm ….. well …..

You get the picture, right ???

I’d like to believe I know me – and my style. So, I’m gonna challenge myself to write about things that truly impact Baltimoreans, and, at times, people around the globe.

Believe me, I’m not gonna get “too heavy.” Nor, will I seize these twelve special days to be sarcastic, divisive or offensive. I still believe Christmas is a special time of year, and a time to hope for the best – even for those who need an extra special wish …..

And, aside from all the nincompoop Santa impersonators – this really is the “Season Of Giving”. So, I’m gonna do my part.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Joyous Kwanzaa ……

I hope you like my series of blogs over the next couple weeks. And, if not, will you buy me a gift, anyway ???

Oh, and I almost forgot …..

I got these guys covered, too …..

Happy Holidays Everybody ……