Twitter Power Rankings

June 28, 2012 | Ryan Hiken

If you aren’t on twitter, you aren’t shit.  Just kidding, well, actually I’m not.  If you are a big sports fan and you like to be in the loop there are certain people you just have to follow on twitter.  This is the twitter power rankings, Volume 1.

1. Darren Rovell or @darrenrovell

Mr. Rovell is currently employed by CNBC and has a show called Sports Biz.  Rovell tweets about the business aspect of sports.  He tweets about every sport, all types of athletes and their potential to earn by marketing themselves.  He is the master of fun and random facts.  For example, earlier today Rovell tweeted that Anthony Davis, the first overall pick of the New Orleans Hornets tonight will be making 62,735$ per game in his rookie season.  Then he followed that tweet up by saying that Davis is going to purchase a white on white Bentley, which will cost him roughly 15% of his rookie salary.  Rovell is the first to report which athlete has just signed a new endorsement deal.  ESPN recently reached agreement with Rovell to lure him away from CNBC and join the world wide leader in sports.  If you don’t know who he is now, you will soon.  If you are on twitter, Rovell is a must follow.

2. Todd Fuhrman @ToddFuhrman

Fuhrman is pictured on the left

Fuhrman is bookmaker at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.  Fuhrman is insightful and has an interesting perspective as a bookmaker.  Fuhrman works at one of the largest and most respected sports books in the country.  Fuhrman tweets about what it takes to successfully win as a gamble and what it is like to be the house at a sports book.  Fuhrman’s insight allows you to look at sports from a different angle.  His knowledge of all types of sports and his interesting factoids are endless.  Fuhrman is also very interactive with fans and gamblers.  He answers questions and is very friendly.  Todd Fuhrman is very underrated, he currently has a little over 14,000 followers, but you should definitely add to that.

3. Chad Johnson @ochocinco

Chad Johnson, Chad Ochocinco, or whatever it is you want to call him is hilarious on twitter.  He interacts with fans, hes uncensored, honest and very funny.  Its just Chad being Chad.

4. Adam Schefter @Adam Schefter

If you like football, you already know who he is and you are probably already following him.  He is ESPN’s top football reporter, he works on NFL Live and NFL Sunday Countdown.  He is the first on twitter to report all football news.

5. Bill Simmons @sportsguy33

Bill Simmons used to write for and now he writes for his own website  He is very funny and has interesting and insightful tweets about the NBA, MLB and the NFL.  He is very pro Boston and also makes lots of pop culture references.  If you like sports and you like to laugh this is your guy.