July 12, 2009 |

UFC 100 is in the books and I think it lived up to the hype. It had something for everyone. In the first fight Alan Belcher lost a controversial decision. Then it was time for the battle of the Ultimate Fighter coaches. Dan Henderson knocked out Micheal Bisping with a awesome right hand and then added another one for good measure to his laid out opponent.

Georges St. Pierrre was next up. He dominated Tiago Alves on his way to a decision. In typical G.S.P style most of the fight was spent on the ground. He had a couple chances to lock in submissions but never could.  The only competition for St. Pierre looks to be Anderson Silva either at 185 or a catch weight. He has pretty much cleaned out the 170 pound division.

 The most hated man in the UFC was next to the cage. Brock Lesnar entered to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” and he exited with the undisputed UFC Heavyweight title. In between he dominated Frank Mir on the way to a 2nd round TKO. Lesnar learned from the first fight that he couldn’t give Mir space on the ground because if he did Mir could grab a arm or leg lock and make him tap. He also was laying on top of Mir causing him to have to deal with Lesnar’s weight if he wanted to get out.  The crowd hated all of the ground action. They even chanted “stand them up” at one point. Lesnar kept working though. He delivered a combination of head and body punches which led the referee to stop the fight and set off a courus of boo birds. After the stoppage Lesnar wasn’t done. He walked over to Mir and said “anything to say now.”  In the post fight interview Lesnar continued to make friends. He said he was going to drink a Coors Light since Bud Light , who is a major UFC sponsor, won’t pay him.

The UFC is entering an interesting stage right now. They have three fighters who dominate their divisions and two of them are disliked by most of the fans. Anderson Silva for showing nothing in  his last two fights and Brock Lesnar for his attitude and fighting style. At UFC 101 Silva will be fighting Forrest Griffin at 205. If this is a good fight I hope they will try more moving guys up and down to keep the fans interested.