Underappreciated Baltimore Sports Figures

June 14, 2008 |

With all the talk about the King Of Baltimore Sports, I thought I’d list a few names of guys who maybe don’t get the love they deserve.

No, I’m not saying any of these guys should compete in the tournament, but it’s good reason to remember some players who made significant contributions in their respective sports.  

In no particular order…


First baseman before Eddie Murray came along and DH ion the American League Championship team in 1979.  Forget Reggie Jackson’s one year in Baltimore. May’s 1976 season was stellar- 25 home runs (4th in the league) and 109 RBIs (1st)


Derrick Mason may have broken his  Ravens record for receptions but his 1996 yards per reception (15.8) is five yards better than Mason in ’08.  Came to Bmore in the move from Cleveland and still holds the Ravens single season receiving yards record with 1201.


They didn’t keep sack records back then but if they did, Dutton and Co. would’ve been right up there with the best.  Three time Pro-Bowler and 1st team All-Pro in 1976. The group included Mike Barnes, Fred Cook ( a beast) and Joe Ehrmann.  If you don’t know about this group, you should!


Was part of three of the four World Series appearances the Os made between 1966-1972.  Didn’t break into the Major Leagues until age 26 with the White Sox and came to the Orioles in 1968.  All star left fielder in 1972 who had some power by the era’s standard, decent speed and a good arm. 


Um, he WAS the winning quarterback in a Super Bowl.  That has  to count for something.


Rob Long says I’m getting beaten up for this one (he also said he thinks I like it) but, anyway, Chenier was 1st team All-Rookie with the Baltimore Bullets and made the all-star squad three times as a guard with the Washington Bullets.  Great both offensively and defensively.  Btw, I really thought Washington Bullets players should’ve been included in the contest.  They played in Maryland, and growing up, we all watched the Bullets win the championship against Seattle.  To me, they were STILL Baltimore’s team.


So who did I miss?  Tell us who should be included and we’ll cover this on Monday night.

Don’t forget on Monday at 6:30pm Andrew and I will be interviewing Brooks Robinson.  We’ll ask him about some of the under appreciated Orioles as well as the question- do you know who Gary Gait is?