Update Michael Vick Protest Tomorrow! Please Read!

March 08, 2010 |

Baltimore, MD – Passing out purple animal abuse awareness ribbons to attendees, and waving signs that read “Michael Vick is NOT an example of courage,” many people will protest outside the Ed Block Courage awards dinner on Tuesday night. The demonstration was started by Darlene Sanders Harris, whose Facebook page stirred outrage after the nomination by the Philadelphia Eagles in December and has reached nearly 9000 members to date. Both animal rescue groups and caring individuals will be represented, including the group that regularly demonstrated at the Linc in Philadelphia each time Michael Vick played.

Date: Tuesday, March 9th
Time: 4pm – 10pm
Place: Martin’s Caterers – Martin’s West, 6817 Dogwood Road

Vick has been accused, implicated or prosecuted in the acts of dog fighting, animal abuse, federal and state conspiracy, failing a drug test, theft, distributing marijuana, knowingly inflicting an STD and most recently, steroid use. Members of the Tuesday’s demonstration do not feel that Vick exemplifies the role model of “inspiration, sportsmanship, and courage” as defined by Ed Block when the foundation was created to help improve the life of abused children.

Members of the demonstration hope to convey a peaceful but powerful message that child abuse and animal abuse have been closely linked in many studies. We do not feel that enough time has yet passed for Michael Vick to vindicate himself from these charges, nor has he freely given back enough good deeds to compensate for cruelty inflicted and lives taken. At the very least, we hope to bring more support to increased punishment for animal cruelty like bills currently up for vote in the Annapolis.

Attending groups include:

Maryland Votes for Animals
In Defense of Animals
Justice for Dogs, Inc.
BMore Dogs
Roads of Hope
Maryland Animal Advocacy
Community Cats Maryland
Charm City Animal Rescue
Humane League Baltimore
Open the Cages Alliance
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