Update…from Owings Mills. Great news!

January 15, 2008 | Drew Forrester

There are some things that are important going on out here today at Owings Mills.  Somewhere in the building, Jason Garrett is huddled up with members of the Ravens front office.  You have to assume they’re “talking terms” at this point.

Jason Garrett’s wife, Brill, left the building around 12 noon and has not returned.  House hunting, perhaps?  Checking out the area? 

Those are two important elements of today’s stake-out.

But the great news?  I made a 20-footer on the Ravens practice putting green. 

Too bad I can’t take that green over to Mountain Branch with me.

Anyway, that’s about all that’s happening here.  Jason Garrett is still here.  His wife is gone.  And I made my first putt of the afternoon and immediately said, “that’s enough.”  As my friends at the club would say, “never make a putt you don’t have to…”

I’ll be back to report on more boring stuff shortly.

By the way, Jason Garrett IS going to be the Ravens coach.  Right?  Why else would he be here all day?  It takes someone five hours to say, “no thanks”?